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Nov 27 2013

Singapore’s Armenian heritage

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The Vanda Miss Joaquim, Singapore's national flower.

Armenia’s difficult physical conditions saw enterprising merchants move abroad from the 19th century, many landing in Asia, including a few in Singapore. The community here numbered merely around 100 families at its peak, but the people left a a disproportionate imprint on Singaporean culture and heritage. Here are a few of the contributions the Armenian diaspora … read the full post

Nov 21 2013

Useful apps for navigating Singapore

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Using apps can help you make the most out of a trip here.

Smartphone penetration in Singapore is at an all-time high, with an estimated two in five Singaporeans owning a tablet. Most of the locals you see staring intently at their phone screens in trains, at restaurants or while walking are not calling or texting but using some app or other – it’s an apps-economy. And when in Rome… these … read the full post

Nov 13 2013

Getting online on the go in Singapore

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Here's what the wireless network list in your mobile might look like at the end of your Singapore stay - free wifi via Wireless@SG and some local malls.

While many hotel and hostel stays in Asia are bundled with free WiFi nowadays, we all know the feeling of being outdoors needing to desperately check for that restaurant phone number or museum location. For travellers in Singapore wishing to stay connected, we’d suggest investing in a prepaid mobile SIM card with a data plan … read the full post