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May 27 2014

Eating around Balestier Road

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Bread, bread, everywhere...

Named after Joseph Balestier, the first US Consul to Singapore, Balestier Road runs alongside what used to be his sugar-cane estate. While no traces of sugar cane remain, Balestier today is a great spot to wander and sample a range of traditional Singaporean dishes. Strap in! At 432 Balestier Road you’ll find Rochor Beancurd House, which sells soy … read the full post

May 01 2014

Singapore’s old-style cafes

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Ding Dang candy, anyone?

Singapore’s traditional breakfast of kopi or teh with kaya butter toast and eggs has seen a surge in popularity in recent years, with local chain Ya Kun even branching out abroad. If you’d like to get nostalgic and take a step back into Singapore’s culinary past, where should you head? Local coffee chains include Ya … read the full post