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Nov 27 2013

Singapore’s Armenian heritage

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The Vanda Miss Joaquim, Singapore's national flower.

Armenia’s difficult physical conditions saw enterprising merchants move abroad from the 19th century, many landing in Asia, including a few in Singapore. The community here numbered merely around 100 families at its peak, but the people left a a disproportionate imprint on Singaporean culture and heritage. Here are a few of the contributions the Armenian diaspora … read the full post

Sep 10 2013

Eurasian Singapore

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Quentin's is one of few Eurasian restaurants in Singapore, if you wish to try the food but don't have Eurasian friends who love to invite people over for celebrations.

Eurasians are among the ethnic groups in Singapore that make up that cryptic official “others” category of the local population. Travellers typically know little about them, but the Eurasian Association in Singapore, founded in 1919, is the perfect place to learn more. A Eurasian of course is a person of mixed European and Asian descent; … read the full post

Sep 02 2013

Watching Indian movies in Singapore

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The historic Rex Cinemas screens Tamil movies from South India - but check for English subtitles before you go.

If the malls of Orchard Road are too bland, and you’ve had your fill of Singapore’s nature-based activities, why not catch an Indian movie in Singapore? Almost 10 percent of Singapore’s population identify as Indian, so Bollywood looms large over the cinematic landscape. Here are some suggestions of where to head. Bollywood Hindi films, usually … read the full post

Aug 19 2013

Reflections at Bukit Chandu

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Reflections at Bukit Chandu is housed in a charming colonial bungalow, the last remaining in this area.

Tucked away on a peaceful hill off Singapore’s Pasir Panjang is a stately restored colonial bungalow housing World War II exhibit titled Reflections at Bukit Chandu. One of many sights in Singapore that showcase the city state’s role in World War II, today’s calm belies the bloody hand-to-hand combat that took place here over two … read the full post

Apr 18 2013

Review: Malay Heritage Centre, Singapore

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Movie time at the Malay Heritage Centre.

Get a crash course in the kebaya, keris and everything else Malay at the Malay Heritage Centre in Singapore’s historic Kampong Glam neighbourhood. This museum recently reopened after total overhaul and is bigger and better than ever before. The centre is also known as the Istana Kampong Glam as it served as the Sultan’s palace … read the full post

Oct 26 2012

Singapore’s Civil Defence Heritage Gallery

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At this museum you're welcome to touch - or sit in - the exhibits!

Singapore’s Civil Defence Heritage Gallery is a lot more fun than the name suggests, with antique fire engines you can climb aboard and the opportunity to stick your arm into a hazmat (hazardous material) suit. It’s the perfect place to take aspiring firefighters and admission is free. Just a five-minute walk from City Hall MRT … read the full post

Oct 01 2012

The Singapore Kindness Gallery

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Maybe some inspirational quotes will do it.

When waiting to take the subway in Singapore you can’t help notice the public service ads reminding commuters to let people exit the train before pushing on and to give up their seat to the disabled or elderly. These reminders to be kind to your fellow man aren’t the work of a church or charity; … read the full post

Jun 08 2012

Natural history drawings at the National Museum of Singapore

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When the British colonised Singapore in the 18th century they sent more than just governors and garrison – they also sent naturalists to document the island’s exotic flora and fauna. One of them was William Farquhar, and a new permanent exhibit at the National Museum Singapore showcases his well-known collection of natural history drawings. William … read the full post

Jun 01 2012

Where to see a foreign film in Singapore

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In Singapore’s steamy weather a couple of hours of icy cool air-con at a movie theatre can be a welcome treat. The malls of Orchard Road are teeming with multiplexes showing the latest Hollywood blockbusters, but if you’re in the mood for something with a little more culture it’s easy to find a foreign language … read the full post

Apr 27 2012

Inside a traditional Chinese funeral shop

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Singapore is often dismissed as being the most Westernised country in Asia, but the older generation has hung on to many customs including traditional Chinese funeral rites. While funerals are deeply personal affairs that visitors probably shouldn’t intrude upon, you can gain some insight by visiting a Chinese funeral supply shop. Funeral supply shops are … read the full post

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