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May 07 2013

Review: Forty Hands Cafe, Singapore

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Forty Hands does coffee right.

Tiong Bahru is quickly becoming known as one of the trendiest neighbourhoods in Singapore, and one of the reasons is the presence of cafes like Forty Hands. This Melbourne-inspired cafe has an artsy atmosphere, fantastic fair-trade coffee and makes one of the best breakfasts in Singapore. The cafe’s name comes from the fact that, on … read the full post

Apr 12 2013

Singapore hawker dishes: wonton mee

Singapore-style wanton mee.

A Singapore hawker dish of Chinese origins, wonton mee takes two of our favourite things – noodles and dumplings – and combines them into one steaming bowl of goodness. Add a generous serving of roasted pork and you’ve got a delicious meal that will set you back only S$3-4. Noodles with wontons is a dish … read the full post

Mar 21 2013

Review: Ayam Penyet Ria Restaurant, Singapore

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Ayam penyet - smash and burn.

Ayam penyet (literally “smashed chicken”) may technically be an Indonesian dish, but you’re more likely to find it on the menu in Singapore than in Bali.  Singapore is wild for this dish of fried chicken, rice, tofu and spicy sambal, and Ayam Penyet Ria Restaurant on Orchard Road is the original source of the craze. … read the full post

Feb 28 2013

Singapore hawker dishes: kaya toast

The perfect Singapore breakfast - kaya toast and kopi.

Though they’re best known for spicy foods like chilli crab and char kway teow, Singapore hawker centres also serve up a quick, cheap breakfast. One of the most popular local breakfast items is kaya toast, a tropical twist on toast and eggs with enough calories to last you through lunch. Kaya is a uniquely Southeast … read the full post

Feb 07 2013

Traditional breakfasts in Singapore

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Indian breakfasts are just as spicy as Indian lunches and dinners.

One thing you learn from travelling is that what people like to eat for breakfast varies wildly by culture. This means that in multi-ethnic Singapore there are multiple traditional breakfast options available at hawker centres across the island. The most uniquely Singaporean breakfast and one that should be semi-recognisable to Westerners is kaya toast. Kaya … read the full post

Jan 28 2013

Review: Nanyang Old Coffee and Museum, Singapore

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For those who like it the old-fashioned way.

The traditional method of brewing Singapore-style coffee is alive and well at Nanyang Old Coffee in the Chinatown neighbourhood. Come for a cup of kopi-o, handmade dim sum and to browse the mini-museum of antique coffee-making equipment. Nangyang Old Coffee is located in the ground level of a red shophouse at the junction of South … read the full post

Jan 24 2013

Etiquette at Singapore hawker centres

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Soon you'll be ordering chicken rice like a pro.

Offering delicious food at bargain prices, hawker centres are one of our favourite things about Singapore. Here’s everything you need to know before sitting down for a meal at a hawker centre. The first things most Singaporeans do when arriving at a hawker centre is find a table. There are no rules about seating and … read the full post

Dec 17 2012

Review: Samy’s Curry, Singapore

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So many curries, so little tummy space.

Serving up South Indian specialties in a casual colonial setting, Samy’s Curry is a Singapore institution. The fact that Samy’s has been around for 50 years is a testament to how good the food truly is. You’ll find a browsing copy of the menu by the entrance, but the way to order at Samy’s Curry … read the full post

Dec 10 2012

Singapore hawker dishes: Thosai (dosa)

Thosai make a complete meal for a couple dollars.

Thosai (also spelled dosa) is a savoury pancake served with a slew of spicy dipping sauces. Like so much of the Indian food popular at Singapore hawker centres, thosai are cheap, tasty and 100% vegetarian. The recipe for thosai was brought to Singapore from South India, a region where being vegetarian is the norm. The … read the full post

Nov 19 2012

Singapore hawker dishes: Popiah

Wok & roll.

Vietnam may be better known for fresh summer rolls, but at Singapore hawker centres you’ll find a comparable creation called popiah. Not only do popiah make a healthy snack, they’re a bargain at around S$1.50 per roll. As you may have guessed from its similarity to a spring roll, popiah is a hawker dish of … read the full post

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