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Nov 21 2013

Useful apps for navigating Singapore

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Using apps can help you make the most out of a trip here.

Smartphone penetration in Singapore is at an all-time high, with an estimated two in five Singaporeans owning a tablet. Most of the locals you see staring intently at their phone screens in trains, at restaurants or while walking are not calling or texting but using some app or other – it’s an apps-economy. And when in Rome… these … read the full post

Nov 13 2013

Getting online on the go in Singapore

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Here's what the wireless network list in your mobile might look like at the end of your Singapore stay - free wifi via Wireless@SG and some local malls.

While many hotel and hostel stays in Asia are bundled with free WiFi nowadays, we all know the feeling of being outdoors needing to desperately check for that restaurant phone number or museum location. For travellers in Singapore wishing to stay connected, we’d suggest investing in a prepaid mobile SIM card with a data plan … read the full post

Oct 31 2013

Books to read on Singapore

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Tradition remains a part of life in Singapore, even as it modernises -- fiction writers capture this beautifully.

If you’re planning a trip to Singapore, besides the usual travel guides and of course our very own, we’d suggest tucking in to some meatier reading, either ahead of time or once you’re here. Here are some books we’d suggest reading to get you intimately acquainted with the complex city-state. Most can be found at … read the full post

May 14 2013

Travel health clinics in Singapore

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Singapore has modern travel clinics with English-speaking staff.

Travel to Singapore poses minimal health risks, but if you’re using the city-state as a launching point for more exotic destinations you may want to pay a visit to one of its world-class travel health clinics for a vaccination or malaria tablets. Here’s a rundown. Singapore General Hospital, the city-state’s largest medical facility, has a … read the full post

Feb 04 2013

Dengue fever in Singapore

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Despite the government's best efforts, Singapore is not mosquito free.

Singapore may be the only Southeast Asian country to be declared malaria-free, but that doesn’t mean there are no health risks. There is a small but serious risk of dengue fever in Singapore, and more than 700 cases have been reported just in the first month of 2013. Dengue fever is a virus spread by … read the full post

Dec 24 2012

Weather in Singapore

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Not every day in Singapore can be perfect beach weather.

The weather in Singapore can be summed up as hot and humid year-round. Here are a few more details about the city-state’s climate to help you decide when the best time of year to travel here might be. Singapore has a tropical climate and the temperature is quite predictable. In general, you can expect a … read the full post

Nov 29 2012

How to save money in Singapore: part 2

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The perfect souvenir for mom and for staying on budget.

“How to save money in Singapore: part 1” covered the essentials of sleeping, eating and drinking. Now I’ll share some tips on saving money on transportation, sightseeing, shopping and keeping in touch with your friends and family back home while in Singapore. Unlike other Southeast Asian cities, Singapore does not have cheap tuk tuks or … read the full post

Nov 27 2012

How to save money in Singapore: part 1

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Thanks to hawker centres, you can eat like a king even on a small budget.

It’s no secret that Singapore is an expensive city to be a tourist — especially by Southeast Asia standards. Here are some tips to get the most bang for your Sing-dollar during your time here. Accommodation will be your biggest expense in Singapore and a private room with en-suite bathroom will set you back at … read the full post

Sep 13 2012

Where to exchange currency in Singapore

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Rupees, rupiahs or ringgit - they've got it all.

After a trip through Southeast Asia you’re bound to have some leftover Thai baht and Malaysian ringgit lining your pockets. Why not exchange it for Singapore dollars at one of the city-state’s abundant money changers? Money changers in Singapore state “zero commission”, but obviously they make a slight profit from the exchange rates. From my … read the full post

Oct 31 2011

What not to pack when visiting Singapore

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There’s good reason for Singapore’s nickname “The Fine City”: minor misdoings, from eating on the subway to not flushing a public toilet, are punishable by a monetary fine.  It’s even possible to earn a fine before you’re fully in the country if you attempt to bring a banned item into Singapore. Certain items you wouldn’t … read the full post