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Nov 14 2011

How to extend your Singapore visa online

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Welcome to Singapore! Depending what country you’re from, tourists are issued a visa-on-arrival which is valid for 30 to 90 days. This is more than enough time to see the sights, but if you need to extend your visa it couldn’t be easier. In fact, you don’t even need to get up from the computer … read the full post

Aug 04 2011

How to get a Philippines visa in Singapore

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The fact that doesn’t currently cover the Philippines is no excuse to leave this archipelago paradise off your itinerary. Visa-free entry to the Philippines for up to 21 days is given to citizens of many countries including Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, UK, most of Europe, Japan, South Korea, and ASEAN countries.  However, if … read the full post

Jun 27 2011

How to get a Chinese or Indian visa in Singapore

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First the bad news: in order to apply for an Indian visa in Singapore, you must be a Singaporean citizen, permanent resident, or have a valid long-term pass (an employment pass, dependent pass, etc) (though if you are Singaporean, you can get a visa on arrival). Strictly speaking, you must also be Singaporean to apply … read the full post

Jun 16 2011

How to get an Indonesian visa in Singapore

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Whether you plan to grab one of the budget flights to Bali or attempt the overseas route to Java, Singapore is an obvious launching point for travel to the islands of Indonesia. Most visitors (including citizens of USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, China, and India) are eligible for an Indonesian visa on arrival. … read the full post

May 16 2011

How to get a Cambodia visa in Singapore

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There may be an 800-year gap between the notable architecture of Cambodia and Singapore, but the two countries are just a two-hour flight apart. If you don’t want to rely on the e-visa or visa-on-arrival service you can apply for a visa at the Royal Embassy of Cambodia in Singapore. For a 30-day tourist visa … read the full post

Mar 25 2011

How to get a Burmese visa in Singapore

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With affordable flights to Rangoon (Yangon) courtesy of JetStar Airways, Singapore is second only to Thailand as a launching point for travels to Burma. And if you’re considering a visit to Burma now that Aung San Suu Kyi has given the nod to independent travellers visiting, Singapore is a good spot to get your visa, … read the full post

Feb 14 2011

How to get a Thai visa in Singapore

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If Thailand’s your next destination and a 30-day visa free entry won’t suffice, Singapore is a great place to get the paperwork done. The Royal Thai Embassy in Singapore is located at the heart of Orchard Road and can process all visa types. For a 60-day tourist visa you will need the following: * 1 … read the full post