May 20 2011

Is Singapore expensive?

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Is Singapore expensive? I’m just back from a short “hang out with the grandparents” three-day trip to Singapore with my daughter and would answer with a firm “yes”. I can’t remember ever burning though so much cash (well plastic) in such a short time. That said, while Singapore can be expensive, it need not be. … read the full post

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May 16 2011

How to get a Cambodia visa in Singapore

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There may be an 800-year gap between the notable architecture of Cambodia and Singapore, but the two countries are just a two-hour flight apart. If you don’t want to rely on the e-visa or visa-on-arrival service you can apply for a visa at the Royal Embassy of Cambodia in Singapore. For a 30-day tourist visa … read the full post

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May 11 2011

Singapore’s best Turkish kebab?

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Far East Plaza is known as a hang-out for Singapore’s teenage ah lians and ah bengs who flock there for cheap, flashy fashions. Since a meal at this mall usually means KFC and bubble tea, I was sceptical when I heard there was a good Turkish restaurant tucked away inside. I’m happy to report that … read the full post

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May 09 2011

Shakespeare in the Park: MacBeth

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“Ai yah!  Out damn spot! Out I say, lah!” Ok, it’s not that extreme, but there is a distinct Singlish lilt to the voice of Lady MacBeth in the Singapore Repertory Theatre’s latest production for Shakespeare in the Park. They’ve taken a couple other liberties and turned up the drama Hollywood-style with bloody battle scenes, … read the full post

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May 04 2011

Tips for buying electronics in Singapore

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For many tourists a visit to Singapore is an excuse to indulge in some serious retail therapy.  After window shopping for luxury brands on Orchard Road and browsing cheap souvenirs at the Chinatown Street market, the next stop on the Singapore shopping spree is usually Sim Lim Square to check out the latest electronic gadgets. … read the full post

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May 02 2011

Singapore bars: The Clinic

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UPDATE: Clinic Bar has closed. Make yourself comfy in a gold-plated wheelchair and order up an IV bag of booze at Singapore’s hospital-themed Clinic Bar. Located in the trendy Clarke Quay area, the bar creates a morbidly chic atmosphere with shots served in syringes, servers wearing scrubs, and hospital bed couches. Clinic Bar is the … read the full post

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Apr 27 2011

How tourists can get a sales tax refund in Singapore

If your Singapore itinerary includes a shopping spree on Orchard Road you’ll be happy to learn that the 7% GST included in prices can be refunded when you leave the country. To be eligible for the GST (goods and services tax) refund you must meet several conditions. You must be 16 or older; you must … read the full post

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Apr 25 2011

Singapore’s other 62 islands: Kusu Island

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Here’s a factoid for you: Singapore is actually made up of 63 separate islands. But most people, even locals, don’t venture much further beyond the main island and Sentosa. Many of the outlying islands are explicitly off-limits to visitors because they’re used for heavy industry or military training, but my goal is to visit as … read the full post

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Apr 19 2011

Three meals with Singapore food critic KF Seetoh

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Recently we had the chance to pose some questions to Singapore’s most famous critic of hawker food – KF Seetoh of the Makansutra guide. Instead of asking where to get the spiciest chili crab or the most savoury char kway teow, we kept it simple and asked just one question: If you had just one … read the full post

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Apr 16 2011

Where to go for a swim in Singapore

After the cleanliness and crazy prices, what friends who’ve visited me in Singapore commented most about was the heat. Though the temperature is similar to Bangkok or Bali, Singapore feels hotter. Maybe it’s the relentless humidity or the extreme difference between the icily air-conditioned indoors and sweltering outdoors, but you’ll sweat through your shirt in … read the full post

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