Apr 12 2011

Open House at the Malay Heritage Centre

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There’s no doubt the biggest and newest attractions are what draw tourists to Singapore, but it’s still surprising that the Malay Heritage Centre is closing for major renovations after only 7 years. The up-side to the closure is that the centre is having an Open House with free admission until April 30, 2011. The Malay … read the full post

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Apr 08 2011

Southeast Asian Film Festival at the Singapore Art Museum

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There’s a rare chance to catch some independent Asian cinema on the big screen during Singapore’s first Southeast Asian Film Festival. The festival features emerging and established Singaporean directors plus films from six other countries in the region. The event is being held at the Moving Image Gallery at Sam@8Q, an extension of the Singapore … read the full post

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Apr 06 2011

New series on National Geographic: “Every Singaporean Son”

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There’s a new reality series about Singapore on the National Geographic channel.  “Every Singaporean Son” follows 14 young men as they trade in their iPhones for assault rifles and begin their mandatory national service. Singapore has an imposing armed forces and every male citizen spends two years in full-time military training once they turn 18. … read the full post

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Apr 04 2011

Singapore eats: Botak Jones burger stalls

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You can feast on every kind of Asian food imaginable in Singapore, but sometimes nothing satisfies like a burger. Restaurants in trendy areas like Clarke Quay charge upwards of S$20 for a burger and fries, but it is possible to satisfy your Western craving for much less at a hawker centre. While the Western food … read the full post

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Mar 30 2011

How to get from Singapore to Indonesia without flying

I’ve seen this question posed on many online travel boards, the Travelfish.org forum included: “I need to get from Singapore to Indonesia, but I don’t want to fly. Isn’t there a cheaper way to do it?” The short answer is no. All the budget airlines fly from Singapore to Indonesian destinations like Jakarta and Bali, … read the full post

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Mar 25 2011

How to get a Burmese visa in Singapore

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With affordable flights to Rangoon (Yangon) courtesy of JetStar Airways, Singapore is second only to Thailand as a launching point for travels to Burma. And if you’re considering a visit to Burma now that Aung San Suu Kyi has given the nod to independent travellers visiting, Singapore is a good spot to get your visa, … read the full post

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Mar 23 2011

Broadway’s “The Lion King” opens in Singapore

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Singapore is known as the Lion City, so it’s only fitting that the Broadway show “The Lion King” has made its Southeast Asian debut right here. The musical is based on the 1994 Disney classic and is the first major performance to grace the stage of the new Sands Theatre at the stunning Marina Sands … read the full post

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Mar 21 2011

Why you should get an EZ-Link Card in Singapore

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If you’re going to be in Singapore for a while a stored value EZ-link card for public transportation is a wise investment. The S$5 cost of the card is non-refundable but it quickly pays for itself. How quickly? For stays of 5 days or longer I suspect you’ll be glad to have one. Here are … read the full post

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Mar 08 2011

The best free iPhone Apps for Singapore

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Judging by the number of people with iPhones in Singapore, one might think Apple products are given away with every plate of chicken rice. A recent tongue-in-cheek listing of the “world’s coolest nationalities” ranked Singaporeans #2 for taking geekiness to the extreme level, citing facts like Singapore is home to a 9 year old boy … read the full post

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Mar 03 2011

Singapore hawker dishes: Carrot cake (chai tow kueh)

Placing an order for “carrot cake” with a wizened man with a wok, it’s hard to imagine that anyone would expect a slice of cake with cream cheese icing. The name of this classic Singapore hawker dish isn’t meant to deceive; it’s simply the result of a direct translation from Mandarin. The main components of … read the full post

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