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Sep 20 2012

Sushi for every budget in Singapore

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Who knew eels were delicious?

With its cosmopolitan population – including many Japanese expats – you’re never far from a sushi restaurant  in Singapore. Whether you just want a couple of California rolls in a take-away container or a Michelin-starred dining experience, Singapore has something to satisfy sushi cravings on any budget. Sushi is known for being expensive, so if … read the full post

Sep 07 2011

Singapore’s best vegetarian restaurants: International eats

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In a previous post I covered where to get the best vegetarian Indian, Chinese and Peranakan cuisine. In this post I’ll tackle Singapore’s other vegetarian culinary offerings. Japanese food is practically defined by its use of fresh fish and at Zen Vegetarian Restaurant sashimi is still on the menu – it’s just made from gelatin … read the full post