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Nov 16 2011

Singapore’s Mint Museum of Toys

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When you were a kid, how did you treat your toys? Did you tear into a new toy and play until it broke, or were you the type who kept your favourites in mint condition with the original box? The Founder of the Mint Museum, Singaporean Chang Yang Fa, was definitely the latter and his … read the full post

Oct 19 2011

Sentosa’s new Maritime Experiential Museum

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Every year new attractions open on Sentosa and every time they seem to be more and more random. The most recent additions have been a cable car museum, sky-diving simulator, and the world’s largest dancing animatronics show. Seriously, who comes up with these things? But the new Maritime Experiential Museum is a perfect fit.  It’s … read the full post

Jun 22 2011

Dali, van Gogh (kind of) at Singapore’s ArtScience Museum

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Art fans in Singapore are in for a real treat: the ArtScience Museum is hosting exhibits by Salvador Dali and Vincent van Gogh until close to the end of 2011. Like the rooftop observation deck and indoor skating rink, the ArtScience Museum is one of the family-friendly attractions added to Marina Bay Sands to prove … read the full post