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Apr 09 2011

Songkran: How to Avoid It

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Welcoming the New Year with a gigantic water fight might seem like the best idea ever, but sometimes our inner curmudgeon says “get off my lawn, you meddling kids” with nary a trace of a smile. What to do? It’s time to avoid. Unfortunately, in Thailand, if you want to avoid Songkran it’s going to … read the full post

Apr 08 2011

Songkran: Overnight Trips from Bangkok

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Have you had just about enough of Bangkok, thank you very much, with its devil may care attitude and many, many dousing/powderings in celebration of good luck and the new year? A last minute change of scene might be just what you need to truthfully say saawadii pii mai! No really, grab that rain poncho … read the full post

Apr 07 2011

Songkran: How to stay safe

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The unfortunate side to any holiday is that the line between fun and danger can be blurred in the blink of an eye. If you keep your wits about you and make smart decisions there is no reason for Songkran to be anything but an absolute blast. Merely remembering mother’s advice and using common sense … read the full post

Apr 06 2011

Songkran: How to prepare

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Songkran is the arguably the biggest party of the year in Thailand- it’s New Year’s Day, the Fourth of July/Guy Fawkes Day/Canada Day/Australia Day, and the last day of elementary school, all rolled into one huge week. Songkran was traditionally the time when Thais poured water on statues of Buddha to refresh and clean them, … read the full post

Apr 05 2011

Songkran: History and background

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Every  year from April 13-15 the entire country of Thailand (and neighbouring Laos) breaks out into a no holds barred waterfight. As a foreigner or outsider Songkran can appear to be nothing more than a nationwide party, but there is real history behind the soaking wet mayhem.  What has become buckets of water thrown from … read the full post

Apr 04 2011

Ice skating… in Bangkok

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Who doesn’t want to wear sweaters, mittens and scarves when you’ve grown up wearing shorts and flip-flops? Who doesn’t want to re-enact all of that ice skating that appears in every Hollywood film made around Christmas? Who will fill this ice rink in the tropics? Thai teenagers will. They are all over ice skating in … read the full post

Apr 01 2011

Vintage clothes shopping in Bangkok’s Thonburi

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On almost any street in Bangkok, there seems to be an endless supply of cheap and trendy clothing stalls. Most of these little shops are variations on the same thing with the latest fashions made in cheap fabrics, always with a surplus of polka-dots and frill. Once you cross the river to Thonburi, this type … read the full post

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