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Free European Union film festival in Bangkok

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You’ve snared your election poster I hope and now it’s time to shift from politics back to the arts …

I must admit that I have been pleasantly surprised by the movie offerings in Bangkok. Yes, the mainstream cinemas mostly feature mega-blockbusters and Thai films of the horror variety, but a steady rotation of film festivals keeps things interesting. This month in Bangkok, from July 6 to 17 the European Union Film Festival will be presenting 22 films from 16 different EU countries.

Cinematic stars.

The festival will be held at the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC) and a massive plus is that all of the screenings will be free. All films will be presented in their original language with subtitles. The festival features a wide range of genres from French dramas to Czech children’s films. Trailers for all the festival’s films can be found here.

Many of the films presented are quite well known with two of the stand outs being German drama When We Leave and Spanish film Celda 211. The festival’s highest profile film is the Academy Award-nominated British documentary Exit Through the Giftshop, a film focusing on renowned street artist Banksy.

The BACC is located just off the National Stadium BTS stop.

After the festival leaves Bangkok it will travel to Chiang Mai where it will run from July 22-31.

Here is the full list of films and showing times in Bangkok:

Thursday July 7:
13:00 Bánk Bán (Hungary, 2002)
15:10 Erratum (Poland, 2010)
16:55 Camino (Spain, 2008)
19:20  The Escape (Denmark, 2009)

Friday July 8:
14:00 With Friends Like These (Belgium, 2007)
15:50 Above the Street, Below the Water (Denmark, 2009)
17:40 The Last Pulchinella (Italy, 2009)
19:20 When We Leave (Germany, 2010)

Saturday July 9:
11:30 Kooky (Czech Republic, 2010)
13:15 Weekend With My Mother (Romania, 2009)
14:55 Assault on the Santa Maria (Portugal, 2010)
16:10 The Hell of ’63 (Netherlands, 2010)
18:10 Camino (Spain, 2008)

Sunday July 10:
11:30 The Magic Tree (Poland, 2009)
13:10 The Escape (Denmark, 2009)
15:15 With Friends Like These (Belgium, 2007)
17:05 Bánk Bán (Hungary, 2002)
19:10 The 1,000 Euros Generation (Italy, 2009)

Monday July 11:
No showtimes

Tuesday July 12:
15:00 The Paper Will Be Blue (Romania, 2006)
16:45 The Hell of ’63 (Netherlands, 2010)
18:45 Run If You Can (Germany, 2010)

Wednesday July 13
14:00  The 1,000 Euros Generation (Italy, 2009)
15:40 Celda 211 (Spain, 2009)
17:15 An Ordinary Execution (France, 2010)
19:10 Above the Street, Below the Water (Denmark, 2009)

Thursday July 14:
14:00 The Wedding Photographer (Sweden, 2009)
16:00 Dust (Luxembourg, 2009)
17:30 Exit Through the Giftshop (UK, 2010)
17:45 Erratum (Poland, 2010)

Friday July 15:
14:00 The Last Pulchinella (Italy, 2009)
15:40  The Paper Will Be Blue (Romania, 2006)
17:25 Celda 211 (Spain, 2009)
19:30  Weekend With My Mother (Romania, 2009)

Saturday July 16:
11:00 The Magic Tree (Poland, 2009)
12:40 Dust (Luxembourg, 2009)
14:20  An Ordinary Execution (France, 2010)
16:15  Run If You Can (Germany, 2010)
19:25 Exit Through the Giftshop (UK, 2010)

Sunday July 17:
11:00 Kooky (Czech Republic, 2010)
12:45 The Wedding Photographer (Sweden, 2009)
14:45 When We Leave (Germany, 2010)
17:30 Forbidden Fruit (Finland, 2009)

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