Jul 29 2011

WiFi on Khao San Road

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It’s easy to find a bucket filled with booze on Khao San Road; in fact, it’s hard not to find one. But where to go if you need a fast (and free) WiFi connection, some coffee, and some quiet? No matter if you have some pressing Facebook work to do, need to write some of that novel, or must convince the boss via email that you are still in hospital back in Swindon/Canberra/Topeka/Calgary, these places will get you caffeinated and connected in style.

All coffee, all the hours of the day.

Coffee World
This all-night coffee shop serves up the standard hot and cold coffee drinks, as well as waffles, sweet desserts, and savoury bites. There is an air-con interior and alfresco seating. Space is tight, so you might end up working close to a new friend. The WiFi is fast here, and the staff don’t seem to care if you ever order a second cup of coffee.

For the hipster worker, who needs retro furniture to achieve flow.

The Fabulous Dessert Bar and Café
The Fabulous has swank seating and an eye towards retro design. Their dessert list is tempting, with traditional desserts like tiramisu and crepes, but the sweet tooth really craves their Fabulous Toast. It’s French toast taken up a notch, and it goes well with the Illy coffee the café serves up. In the evenings, cocktails and bossa nova rule the roost, but during the day this is a great place to get some work done. With free WiFi and good service, this café is highly recommended in the Khao San Rd area. Coffee from 65 baht, food from 85 baht.

For when work also requires booze.

Bar Bali Bistro
This swish shopfront bar and restaurant has a very tenuous connection with Balinese food — basically the sign over the door. They have good breakfasts though (served all day), and with free WiFi, this makes a nice place for a slow morning of catching up with your email. Outside of breakfast, the menu is mostly Thai, and it’s good food: the fried rice was nicely studded with chunks of roasted pork belly, and the beef salad was tangy and spicy, just the way it should be. Open for evening drinks, the upstairs often has live jazz performed by Thai university students, at which point it gets a bit loud to do any more work. Just as well — you’ve earned it.

Coffee Beans
In the Buddy Lodge complex, opposite McDonalds
256 Khao San Rd
Open 24 hours

The Fabulous Dessert Bar and Café
32 Khao San Rd
T: (02) 629 1144
Open 10:00 – 0:30

Bar Bali Bistro
58 Phra Athit Rd
T: (02) 629 0318
Open daily 09:00 – 01:00

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2 Responses to “WiFi on Khao San Road” ...

  1. wkon 30 Jul 2011 at 9:48 pm

    Worth noting that the Coffee World (not coffee beans) chain generally has free Wi-Fi at all its branches, including major shopping malls.

  2. Robin Harfordon 09 Feb 2014 at 10:05 am

    Am ‘working’ at Rambuttri Village Inn & Plaza, 95 Soi Ram Buttri, Chakkra Phong, Phra Nakorn, Bangkok. They have a coffee shop that serves scrummy coffee and the wifi is one of the fastest I have experienced! Only about 3 minutes walk from the start of Khao San Road. just my 2 cents, as I was searching for fast wifi cafes around Khao San, and found this and then your article :-)