Sep 14 2011

Ko Phi Phi for kids

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With its mostly calm waters, long, well-shaded beaches and accommodating places to stay, Ko Phi Phi can be a great destination for travellers with children, though go for accommodation away from Ton Sai village.

Detention island style

Detention island-style.

Accommodation-wise, if you’re in the market for hot-water and air-con, budget for at least 1,500 baht a night. Contact the resorts in advance if possible and ask after family rooms (if your kids are young) or adjoining bungalows (if they’re a bit older). The bigger resorts are better kitted out to deal with kids, but remember if you opt for one of the more isolated beaches you’ll be travelling a lot in longtails, which can be a bit tedious with young children. At the more affordable level, we’d suggest JJ Bungalows, Relax Beach Resort or Viking Nature Resort for those on a more mid-range budget (Viking in particular has some excellent family bungalows, but they’re not ideal for young children), while at the upper end, the Holiday Inn is a great option.

Most restaurants offer at least basic Western cuisine, so if your children aren’t up for rice soup and spicy curries, you shouldn’t have too much trouble tracking down some spag bol for dinner or a couple of googly eggs for breakfast. You’ll get simple beach food on both Lo Dalam and Ton Sai beaches and Ton Sai village has no shortage of western-orientated eateries. If you need nappies or longlife milk, both are available in many of the convenience stores in the village — as is cheap laundry service.

Snorkelling on Ko Phi Phi Leh

Snorkelling on Ko Phi Phi Leh.

Activity-wise, the boat trip to Maya Bay on Ko Phi Phi Leh should be a good one for kids (life jackets are available), while there are plenty of fish straight off the beach on Long Beach and also around the main pier on Ton Sai Beach. Both of these are an ideal spot to wander to with a loaf of bread so the kids can feed the fish. Lo Dalam also has activities like banana boat riding and kayaking.

Lastly, make sure they drink a lot of water as kids dehydrate fast in the tropical sun — and don’t forget a hat and sunscreen, of course!

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