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Real pizza in Bangkok

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A few days ago, my friend from the States asked me, “Does Bangkok have coconuts?” At first, I thought he was making a subtle innuendo. “That’s my deal breaker,” he explained. If there were no coconuts in his city of residence, he would consider relocation. I thought about his question for myself, and came up with two dealbreakers of my own: kind people and pizza.  And I would settle for the latter.

The quest for bread in Bangkok has been solved last week, but finding real bread topped with tomato sauce that does not come from a ketchup packet and smothered in delicious cheese is still an ongoing pursuit. On the streets of NYC, pizza is the cheapest and fastest food you can find, day or night. But in Bangkok, pizza is a rare delicacy that doesn’t come by the slice.

Bella Napoli

Pizza perfection at Bella Napoli.

Hello, beautiful pizza. My fellow Travelfish.org blogger Elena may disagree, but if there was a prize for the most delicious pizza in the entire universe, Bella Napoli would win. Okay, maybe I can be hyperbolic when it comes to food. I admit, I have not eaten all the pizza the universe has to offer. But by Bangkok standards, this pizza will surely please. The toppings range from your traditional Margarita, with tomato, mozzarella and basil (180 baht) to a Sfiziosa, with provola, gorgonzola, rucola, ham and mushroom (280 baht). The restaurant ambiance may not transport you to the winding streets of Tuscany, but at the very least, it connotes the American idea of what an Italian restaurant should be; checkered tablecloths, extra helpings of Parmesan cheese, plastic grapevines and a partially stocked wine rack. It’s a perfect setting for a family of five or a lonesome single with a large appetite. If you or your loved ones are not pizza-people (I don’t understand your kind), there are a plenty of other options, like spaghetti with white fish and artichoke, Caesar salad, or proscuitto di parma.

3/1 Sukhumvit soi 31
T: (02) 259 0405
Delivery menu for middle Sukhumvit area only
Open daily 11:30-14:30 and 17:30-23:30
BTS: Phrom Pong

Pizza Mania

An exclusive tour of the secret kitchen.

A pizza cubby with name-tagged insulated boxes. Cute, right?

Pizza Mania has a ballsy mission statement and the kind of chutzpah I expect in my eateries: to make the best pizza in Bangkok. The story of how I encountered the pizza joint is a rather sad one; I had ordered Pizza Mania once before, and decided to head there on my own to enjoy a sit-down meal. It was a rainy night, I got lost, found my way, and got lost again, but I finally spotted Pizza Mania in a small alley down a marathon-length soi. Turns out, Pizza Mania is strictly a delivery place. I request they rephrase their mission statement to be “the best DELIVERY pizza in Bangkok.” I eventually got my pizza (and an exclusive peak at their kitchen), lugging the box across Asok in the rain. By the the time I got home, the pizza was cold, but tasty enough to make up for the hardship.

Their topping selection is probably one of the most extensive in Bangkok, from Salmone (380 baht) to Erotica (330 baht, and order at your own risk). They also deliver salads, pasta, gelato, drinks, and oddly, cigarettes.

You may have noticed a pizza picture seems to be absent from this post. Are their pies not easy on the eyes? No, I just was so eager about my pineapple mozzarella pizza I ate the whole thing without documenting a single slice.

120/3 Soi 23 Sukhumvit Rd
T: (02) 261 12 12
Open daily 11:00-23:00. Under 45 minutes for delivery.
BTS: Asok / MRT: Sukhumvit

Pla Dib

I want you.

Pla Dib is not a pizzeria. In fact, it’s a posh Asian fusion restaurant with sashimi, soft-shelled crab salad, squid-ink pasta and mojitos on the menu, and it just happens to serve pizza, too. Despite the odd assortment of food, their pizzas are a heaven of cheese and tomatoes surrounded by a crispy crust baked in a wood-fired oven, and the sleek minimalism of the establishment makes you feel cool while consuming it. The toppings are inventive; try the bacon, mushrooms, and a semi-cooked egg pizza, or order from the daily specials. A surprising number of Asian establishments throw pizza onto their menus as an afterthought, but Pla Dib manages to get all of their cuisines just right.

1/1 Soi Areesampan 7, Pharam 6 Rd
T: (02) 279 8185
Open Tues-Sun 17:00-24:00
BTS: Ari

What’s your deal breaker? Comment below!

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8 Responses to “Real pizza in Bangkok” ...

  1. Saschaon 05 Oct 2011 at 5:36 pm

    Agree with the first spot. Awesome Pizza! Comparable with some in Italy. Took me quite long to find that place though. Was already disappointed with most other Pizza locations all around Thailand.

  2. janon 05 Oct 2011 at 6:03 pm

    If you define “Real Pizza” by “heaven of cheese”, then you might as well like Pizza Company with their other experiments like sausage crust, etc.

    If you like italian style pizza (those not soaked in cheese) i recommend, Scoozi, Wine Connection, Otto Pizza or Olivie. Probably easiest to find is Scoozi, they are all over the place. Some of the other ones only have shops in eastern Bangkok. There are a few italian restaurants along Sukhumvit worth to try as well.

  3. widzon 05 Oct 2011 at 6:11 pm

    I think that it would be more accurate if it was an italian reviewing the pizzerias in bkk. I respect what u wrote but i dont trust you 100% since a very good pizza is something very hard to find also in Italy. And i dont think that a delivery thai pizza could be a good pizza maker (cuz delivery pizzas in italy sux too).

    Nice try tho. <3 thai.

  4. Antonon 05 Oct 2011 at 6:42 pm

    One of the funniest headlines on Not The Nation was: World Pizza Council Revokes Pizza Company’s Use Of Word ‘Pizza’.

    A much better alternative is to order via Foodbyphone from L’Opera – the most delicious pizza in (our part of) the universe.


  5. janon 05 Oct 2011 at 6:58 pm

    for some reason it’s even harder to find good pasta. though it’s easier to cook by yourself the way you like it most.

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  7. Mikeon 09 Oct 2011 at 2:00 pm

    How much are the pizzas a Pla Dib? Prices are included for the two others, but not Pla Dib, and since it’s a “posh Asian fusion restaurant” I’m concerned about prices ;-)

  8. Roberto Cottoon 19 May 2012 at 8:42 pm

    I think Bella Napoli is still the finest dine in pizza in Bangkok. I use Big Pizza (www.pizzadeliverybangkok.com) for delivery – also excellent. I judge a pizzeria on their margherita, and both these restaurants do them superbly.

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