Nov 22 2011

Bangkok floods: “Travellers to Bangkok have nothing to worry about”

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While Bangkok appears to be over the worst of the floods, the surrounds are still mopping up and travellers are still asking about whether it’s safe to come to the Thai capital. We spoke with Kirsty of Poi and Kirsty, a British blogging duo living in the Big Mango and travelling around Asia, about their experience with the Bangkok floods, how they took refuge and what’s happening now.

Photograph courtesy of Poi and Kirsty

Where did you go [amid the floods] and why?

Originally when I left Bangkok it was just for a short break to Chiang Mai. However, when my return date came round the floods had worsened and we decided to head down to Ko Phi Phi.

We live in Pinklao and the reports for the area were particularly bad. Although our apartment was safe from the water all shops and facilities around the area would be closed and we would have had to travel everywhere on government trucks. Getting away from it all on a nice island like Phi Phi was an easy decision.

Have you been anxious because of the floods? What was the scariest part?

Luckily we have not been around to experience much of the floods but it was certainly worrying hearing how quickly the water was rising. The scariest factor would have to be the long term damage to buildings and people’s homes.

Were you given any help by your embassy or the Thai government? Is there anything that could have been done for you that wasn’t?

As I said we got away and didn’t really need any help. Perhaps better reports on the affected areas would have been nice in English but we live in a foreign country and accept that to find out more we should speak the language.

Do you think this has changed your opinion of Bangkok or Thailand in general, and will it influence any plans to come back in the future?

Not at all, we both live in Bangkok and love it here. We’re saddened by the damage. We’re very happy to be back and see people quickly carrying on as usual.

Do you have any advice for travellers in Bangkok or those who plan to coming in the next few months?

Travellers to Bangkok have nothing to worry about from what I’ve seen. Even during the worst parts of the flooding there were still transport options available and hotels open. In the main tourist hot spots barely anything changed and now the water is receding it’s hard to see any evidence it was ever here. Unfortunately the outskirts of Bangkok have been far more affected and the damage a lot worse.

Can you think of anything positive that has come out of this natural disaster?

So soon after the floods it’s hard to note any positives yet but hopefully this will lead to better planning in the future for these sort of events.

Have you had any experience in the past travelling that brought about a similar level of discomfort and anxiety for your safety?

I have never before experienced anything like the floods in Bangkok. We have been lucky in our travels so far and hailing from England natural disasters are extremely uncommon.

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