Jan 20 2012

Buying cheap clothes in Bangkok

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Thailand is known for its lush silks and elaborate textiles, but in Bangkok proper, cheap and trendy clothing abounds. As we can see from Bangkok’s haunted mall and airport terminal, shopping is a bit of cultural obsession, one that is highly contagious. You can’t avoid shopping in Bangkok even if you try: opportunities for snapping up all kinds of souvenirs, as well as other temptations like cheap DVDs and well, just plain old quirky stuff, await on every street corner.

Tiny man shoes.

It’s tricky to be in Bangkok on a budget, and even harder to cut down on shopping, but you can easily find cute clothing that won’t break the bank. As warned in “What to bring with you to Bangkok” and “What to wear in Bangkok”, both female and male clothing for sale in Thailand is generally made for people with no curves or folds, and is, shall we say, on the short side. But you can still get lucky: look for clothing with elastic, billowy shirts, and “reinvented” vintage clothing. Though do be careful, dear buyer, as even if these pieces were once Western in size, they are often tailored and elasticised to now fit a Thai body.

At most of the stores and stalls that sell cheap clothing, you are not able to try the pieces on before you buy them, but vendors will often have full-length mirrors so you can ever-so surreptitiously check yourself out in your potential new garb. If you don’t have a friend with you to eyeball the size, I have a trick that always works: hold up the waistline of a skirt or trousers around your neck — if you can wrap it around comfortably than it will fit your waist.

Do keep in mind why you are buying the clothes: because they are cheap and have a fashion shelf-life of about an hour. Don’t get too upset if they decompose before you get home. Even so, check your garment for unwanted sequins, inspect the hems for loose threads, and unroll the sleeves of shirts to look for stains.

For the absurdly cheap and convenient, go to Siam Square at exit 2 or 4 at Siam BTS, where the sidewalk transforms into an outdoor shopping mall from afternoon until night. The streets get congested, so watch yourself and your stuff, or slip into a side alley where you may find more independent designers. If mass-produced and poorly assembled clothing doesn’t suit your fancy, you can always walk over to Siam Discovery Mall or Siam Paragon for more upscale apparel with a larger range in size.

Siam pales in comparison to the thousands of clothing vendors at Chatuchak (JJ) Market, which is only open on the weekends and more of a shopping commitment than Siam’s walk-by stalls. JJ Market has more variety and vintage finds, but the prices are not always cheap, at least by Thai standards. If you want more street-stall clothes, head to Victory Monument, right near the BTS stop, for some printed summer dresses and a bowl of boat noodles to go with them.

The "over-sized" style is in... for now.

Further out from the centre of town, you can experience the crepuscular allure of a night bazaar at the On Nut Square directly off the On Nut BTS, which wraps up around 22:00. Or try Huai Khwang Market at Huai Khwang MRT near the Tesco Lotus at Prachasongkhro intersection and Ratchadaphek Road, which serves as a food market by day and a clothing market until the wee hours of the night.

For electronics, knock-off designer bags and hair scrunchies that sparkle, head to Mahboonkrong (MBK) connected to National Stadium BTS. The clothing and accessories are by no means dead-ringers for the runway versions, but their jagged seams and stiff fabrics have a certain honest charm. Of course, if you want to build your dharma bum wardrobe with drawstring pants and intentionally frayed shirts, there’s always Khao San Road, lined with clothing shops along with fake Oxford diplomas, and the occasional vegetarian restaurant.

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7 Responses to “Buying cheap clothes in Bangkok” ...

  1. tunimaalon 20 Jan 2012 at 9:30 pm

    I am curious to know how much money and time you spent over there….It’s seems so cheap that you can maybe get a lot of stuff

  2. Emma Rosenbergon 24 Jan 2012 at 11:24 am

    Hi Tunimaal,

    How much time to spend at each location? Some spots, like Siam, you can just pass through, whereas others like JJ Market require a few hours minimum to make it worth your trip. As for how much items cost – you shouldn’t spend more than 200 baht on a piece of clothing from the street stalls.

  3. mynon 22 Apr 2012 at 2:53 pm

    so for you what’s the best store out there in bangkok? :)

  4. soi1davidon 26 Apr 2012 at 12:17 pm

    The weekend market , (JJ, Chatachuk) is the best market, It’s easy to get to as it is the last stop north on the sky-train. It’s prices May be as cheap as you can find in Bangkok – depends on your bargaining and smiling capabilities.
    The variety of Items has to be the greatest you will find.
    Something Big like that Thai Buddha wood carving, there are 3 world recognized international shippers on site.
    Food and drink in small cheap portions scattered thru-out the market. find something you like? remember the name so you can order it anywhere in Thailand.
    You can easily spend a day here looking. If you don’t buy anything except food and drink It can be very cheap.
    If there around the heat of the day (1pmish) find some drink and shade and relax for a bit, Hydrate!.
    Lastly , If you don’t see the area with animals, you haven’t seen it all.
    We know more…..come ask.
    Soi1guesthouse – A proper hostel

  5. Emma Rosenbergon 26 Apr 2012 at 3:11 pm

    I’m all about vintage, so I go to the top floor of Union Mall. See our article: http://www.travelfish.org/blogs/bangkok/2012/02/09/vintage-shopping-in-northern-bangkok/ The best stores in Bangkok don’t seem to have names!

  6. oaraon 13 Jun 2013 at 5:27 pm

    Hi, I do not trust the “famous sellers” now, I really prefer to buy everything from Thailand now, this is where I buy my stuff, for $20 “Personal Shopper Bangkok” (Google it I don’t have the exact link) will go shopping for you (anything), cheap and good, I would love to find the same cheap service in Paris or New York !!!

  7. marcellaon 13 Jul 2014 at 7:05 pm

    Hi, im going to Bangkok next week but still confused which market we shoild go since we join a group tour & neither markets like JJ is on the list. Anw, can you tell me where is the location of the two pics taken? I might want to sneak off & make time to go to one of those market.

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