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Apr 29 2012

Ko Samui for vegetarians

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Travelling vegetarians can sometimes find sourcing decent food a challenge; in Thailand, however, many Thai dishes can easily be made as a veggie option. For Thailand generally, the Vegetarian Thai Food Guide can come in handy. If you’re a vegetarian travelling to Ko Samui, SITCA (Samui Institute of Thai Culinary Arts) offers cooking classes, and … read the full post

Apr 25 2012

Fabulous buffets in Bangkok

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If you followed our street food adventure series, you’ll know that the best way to experience Thai food is by getting down-and-dirty on the congested Bangkok streets. As a general rule, the cheaper the food, the better the taste; the more limited the menu, the fresher the food. But then there is the other extreme: … read the full post

Apr 19 2012

Coco Splash water park on Ko Samui

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UPDATE: Coco Splash will be closed from 14 May for one month, in order to construct two new water slides in the park. Anyone travelling with young children will know that kids are not content to lie under a coconut palm reading a book, or have endless massages, tour temples or even for that matter … read the full post

Apr 14 2012

Ko Phi Phi beach getaways

Sunset at Long Beach.

So you’re on Ko Phi Phi and have negotiated the back alleys and rabbit warren of Ton Sai Bay to find the cheapest habitable digs you can find. Yes, 1,000 baht doesn’t go far on this glistening little island. The bags are thrown in the corner and it’s time to wash the ferry grunge off. … read the full post

Apr 14 2012

Bangkok’s best duck noodle soup?

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Thai people are not known for being overly serious about too many things, but when it comes to food, Thailand means business. So when some locals recently let me know about a nondescript restaurant tucked away in Sathorn‘s Larai Sap market that has possibly the best roast duck egg noodle soup (ba mee nahm ped) … read the full post

Apr 10 2012

Cycling from Bangkok to Singapore: From the border to Penang

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Things change the minute you get into Malaysia. For one thing, most of the roadside food stalls disappear, as do the paved verges. In Thailand, almost every road we were on had at least half a metre of paved verge — a sensible road building policy in Southeast Asia, where many of the vehicles are … read the full post

Apr 07 2012

Thailand’s Ang Thong National Marine Park

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Ang Thong (Golden Bowl) National Marine Park is located north and west of Ko Samui, and is within sight of Samui on clear days. The park, which includes 42 islands and limestone massifs, was once a hide out for pirates but these days gets patrolled by the Thai navy. The islands of the park are … read the full post

Apr 07 2012

Cycling from Bangkok to Singapore: On cycling through the far south

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As Gaby and I were planning this trip we knew that we would have to transit the south of Thailand, which has suffered from an on-again, off-again insurgency for almost a decade. Like most insurgencies, this one doesn’t have much to do with outsiders, and foreigners haven’t been targets specifically because they are foreigners. That … read the full post

Apr 05 2012

Cycling from Bangkok to Singapore: Finishing Thailand

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Our days cycling from Bangkok to Singapore developed into a routine. Awaken early (which proved to be easy, as most evenings we were in bed and unconscious by 22:00) and take ibuprofen. This trip has taught me what it will be like for me when I am very old and the simple act of getting … read the full post

Apr 02 2012

Bangkok to Singapore by bike: Packing

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Packing for a 2000 kilometre cycle journey is an interesting proposition, especially if you’ve never done a long distance cycle tour before. I had no idea what would be necessary, really, so it was all educated guesses and asking advice that helped us create our packing list. And by packing list, I mean stuff we … read the full post