Oct 24 2012

Review: The Riverside, Lampang

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One of our favourite eateries in northern Thailand’s Lampang city, the longstanding and popular The Riverside restaurant makes a great lunch stop if you’re on a daytrip, or a fun spot to while away an evening if you’re overnighting in town (and we’d recommend Riverside Guesthouse if you are — as the name implies, it’s run by the same owners.)

The Riverside

The Riverside.

The restaurant’s set in a funky old ramshackle wooden building — more overhanging, than beside —  the Wang River. Several seating areas, terraces and verandahs are linked by various walkways, corridors and staircases.

Just one of several terraces to choose from

One of several terraces to choose from.

There’s also a bewildering array of food choices — the Riverside seems to do a bit of everything, and all the dishes we’ve tried have been good. Standard Thai fare includes simple noodles, fried rice and kap khao dishes which are all suitable for a quick lunch, as well as a tempting array of north Thai specialities. If you’re “riced out” there’s also a fair choice of Western options, such as steaks and fried chicken plus some decent pizzas. It might not be the cheapest establishment in town but prices are pretty standard for a midrange spot with a great view; count on around 50 baht for a simple one-plate lunch or around 300 baht for a pizza.

Pat krapao mo - mince pork with chillies and basil

Pat krapao muu — minced pork with chillies and basil.

There’s a full bar and even a cocktail menu, so even if you’re not hungry it’s a pleasant spot for a morning coffee and some cheesecake — they also happen to have a coffee shop and bakery — or a sundowner after a day’s temple visiting. Later in the evenings, on Fridays and Saturdays we were told, The Riverside also has live music, so it’s certainly one of the town’s livelier spots at weekends.

Don't lean backwards too far whilst watching the band!

Don’t lean backwards too far while watching the band!

The Riverside attracts quite a mixed crowd of punters too; some expats, the occasional tourist plus plenty of locals and while staff we encountered didn’t seem to speak too much English the menu is all bilingual so just point!

Take a stroll along Thalart Gao Road to work up an appetite?

Take a stroll along Thalart Gao Road to work up an appetite?

The Riverside is located on Tip Chang Road, just around the corner from Talart Gao which is the riverside street with all the nice old buildings, guesthouses, more good cafes and the weekend walking street. (Find our Lampang city map here.)

The Riverside
328 Tip Chang Rd, Lampang
T: (088) 251 9818

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  1. krison 02 Nov 2012 at 5:02 am

    I love bars/restaurants like this….. when ever i find a place like this it feels as though my travel were worth it :) Any restaurant/bad that is just different from the norm i think is awesome! Look eating a view like that.

    Your site site is awesome man! perfect for a backpacker! seriously, good work!

    Ive been based in boracay island Philippines for the past 7 years, using it as my base for travel around asia. Theres a place like the one in your picture called the treehouse which is a pretty cool place…. its literally a treehouse built on top of a small cliff right on the beach.

    Safe travels.

  2. krison 02 Nov 2012 at 5:02 am

    P.s. Why dont you have a Philippines section yet? Theres some awesome stuff here, most people just dont know much about it.

  3. Samantha Brownon 13 Nov 2012 at 12:55 pm

    We’d really love to but we just don’t have the time to add in another country for now, and we’ve never actually been there ourselves. We’ll get there one day… Glad you like the sight.

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