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Jun 29 2014

Phuket’s post-coup beach cleanup

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... and in June 2014.

You’ve heard about the Thai coup right? While news of the country’s political wranglings has largely focused on events in Bangkok, changes are also underway in Phuket with its beaches becoming ground zero in a military-led cleanup effort. Encroachment and private profiteering on the beach have been targetted. So what can those travelling to Phuket expect … read the full post

Jun 06 2014

Driving Phuket’s west coast

Nai Harn sunset. Soft landing at the end of a day's drive.

Though its roads are getting busier, Phuket’s west coast yields some awesome sights. Are you up for some craggy cliffs, green hills and wide ocean vistas, with white-sand beaches to rest at along the way? Yes, you might encounter some nutter drivers but the island’s coastal roads are in decent condition, fairly well signed and … read the full post

Jun 02 2014

Thailand coup update for travellers: June 2, 2014

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Criticism of the military: banned. Beer: have as much as you like.

A small but creative group of protesters continues to peacefully resist the coup in Bangkok despite immense efforts by Thailand’s military to stop them. Several key intersections, metro stations and shopping malls were closed on Sunday as flash protests popped up unpredictably. While no serious violence was reported, travellers are advised to monitor the situation … read the full post