Travelfish correspondent Ayesha Cantrell

Ayesha first travelled around South East Asia over 10 years ago on her way to Australia via South Africa. With the firm belief that the travel bug would be out of her system she returned to the corporate rat race and very quickly realised her mistake.

She soon ditched her power suit in favour of a wetsuit and ventured back to Ko Tao to indulge in her passion for scuba diving. Her love for Koh Ta established itself as she lived there throughout her progression to Scuba Diving Instructor.

Leaving was hard but she tore herself away and travelled and dived working in The Maldives, Egypt and visiting many other far flung spots to take in underwater world.

Ko Tao was always calling and four years ago she returned, unpacked her bags and accidentally bought into a dive centre.

Apart from writing for Travelfish she manages the Master Divers Blog and whenever possible is underwater with her camera shooting fish!

Posts by Ayesha Cantrell:

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