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Apr 11 2012

Photo essay: Wild Ko Surin

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Many who come to Thailand are still looking for one thing and one thing only: that idyllic, isolated, unspoilt island. I’ve been to more than a few of Southeast Asia’s pristine islands, but none have quite had the sparkle of Ko Surin. While it lacks the creature comforts of more developed islands, Ko Surin, which … read the full post

Apr 05 2012

Ko Chang noi: Thailand’s most laidback island?

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As far as countries go, Thailand is known to be an especially laidback one, and some of the Thai language’s most frequently used phrases express this. There’s sabai sabai, which most phrasebooks translate simply as “relax”, but to me it’s more like “chill chill” or better yet, “just kick back and relax because everything is … read the full post

Feb 29 2012

Ko Kho Khao: This is what it’s all about

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As a roving travel writer focusing on the Thai islands, everyone says I have a dream job. And, well, they’re right. I get paid to spend my days in places that most people can only daydream about from their offices. My last work trip took me to Ko Lipe, Ko Kradan, and Ko Tarutao (to … read the full post

Feb 25 2012

Photo essay: Majestic Ko Tarutao

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Thailand’s largest protected island, majestic Ko Tarutao of the Andaman Sea, spans some 150 square kilometres and has long been feared as a wild place where dangerous animals, treacherous ghosts, uncompromising pirates and escaped prisoners roam the thick and mountainous jungle. It’s no surprise, then, that the Malay word “tarutao” is translated as ancient, mystical … read the full post

Feb 15 2012

Day trip: Ko Lipe to Ko Adang

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The foreboding mountains of Ko Adang rise from the Andaman Sea in dramatic fashion, looming over the Adang archipelago’s many islands. While neighbouring Ko Lipe has become highly developed, Adang remains a natural haven. The national park does offer basic accommodation and camping in high season, but if you can’t bear to leave Lipe’s creature … read the full post

Jan 12 2012

What not to do on a longtail boat

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Peace and relaxation await you on any of Southeast Asia’s islands, but the boat ride to get there is often an unexpected dose of adventure. While many of the more popular islands rely mainly on large passenger speedboats and ferries for transport, many islands — such as Ko Libong, Ko Sukorn, Ko Adang, and Ko … read the full post

Jan 02 2012

Food on Thailand’s Ko Lipe

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Cast relatively far out in the Andaman Sea, the tiny southwestern Thai island of Ko Lipe is geographically little more than a sliver of sand ringed by picturesque, coral-studded seas. Unlike similar islands of this size, however, Lipe has developed not into a typical resort island with lacklustre, overpriced food, but a true international enclave … read the full post

Dec 29 2011

Exploring Ko Libong on motorbike

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At first glance, the southwest Thai island of Ko Libong may not seem like the greatest vacation spot. The coast is on the rocky side, and the golden sand beaches are grainier than some of the more popular nearby islands. Yet, for those willing to tread off the usual tourist track Libong offers a charming … read the full post

Dec 12 2011

December getaways: Ko Bulon Lae

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Thinking of a tropical Thai island getaway for the holidays? Worried about the hordes of peak season tourists and ridiculously inflated prices on the more popular islands? If so, dreamy little Ko Bulon Lae may be the gift you’ve been wishing for. Nestled off Thailand’s far southwest coast near Ko Lipe and Ko Tarutao, Ko … read the full post

Dec 09 2011

Which beach on Ko Lipe?

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For a number of reasons, southwest Thailand’s tiny Ko Lipe attracts increasingly growing numbers of tourists each year. It’s home to some outstanding snorkelling and diving, a relaxed yet lively atmosphere, and some picturesque national park islands are just a short long-tail boat ride away. Lipe’s number one draw, however, is still its renowned white-sand … read the full post

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