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Aug 24 2013

Bangkok street sports

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Leafy hoops -- somewhere in Din Daeng.

In Bangkok, life happens on the streets. Kids and dogs play in alleyways. Uncles and aunties gossip in front of shophouses. Clothing boutiques, restaurants and pubs pop up on footpaths. Under overpasses, in empty lots and inner city temples and schools, residents gather for a more competitive purpose — street sports. According to a 2012 … read the full post

Jul 28 2013

Review: Cafe Bicycle, Bangkok

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Welcome to Cafe Bicycle.

Centrally located at the beginning of Sukhumvit Road, Cafe Bicycle is a bright and casual breakfast-and-lunch spot that opened at the tail end of 2012. Although it’s not-to-be-missed by cycling enthusiasts, the cafe is an excellent choice for anyone after wholesome food and social-environmental sustainability. Like Cafe Velodome in Bangkok’s old city, Cafe Bicycle is … read the full post

Jul 20 2013

Review: Firehouse Pub & Restaurant, Bangkok

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Bangkok’s bountiful Thai food keeps us happy 99% of the time, but every so often, a craving for a good old-fashioned burger hits with the immediacy of a monsoon storm. Like most international foods, Bangkok has no shortage of burgers that run from Big Macs up to gourmet patties with imported beef. Seeking something in-between, … read the full post

Jul 04 2013

Guide to shopping in Bangkok’s Pratunam

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Platinum Fashion Mall would have frightened people 50 years ago.

A quick tuk tuk ride from the glitzy malls of Siam Square, Pratunam is the place in Bangkok to score clothing, accessories and electronics on the cheap. With wholesale goods packed into alleys and labyrinthine malls, approaching this entire neighbourhood of shopping mayhem can be daunting at first, but a little know-how goes a long … read the full post

Jul 01 2013

Review: Chicken T, Bangkok

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From happy chicken to happy travel writer.

While KFC outlets, chicken rice shops and grilled chicken-on-a-stick vendors are all ubiquitous in Bangkok, finding free-range, antibiotic-free chicken that you know is hygienically prepared is not an easy task. In the Gateway Ekamai shopping centre off Sukhumvit Road, Chicken T delivers exactly that — and it tastes darn good too. A one-time professor of … read the full post

Jun 25 2013

Gallery Drip Coffee at Bangkok Art & Culture Centre

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... And we drink the magic.

As Thailand’s economy booms, a growing number of farmers in the mountainous northern region are focusing on gourmet coffee. Chiang Mai is undoubtedly the country’s coffee capital, but Bangkok is also on board this high-speed coffee train. A love for coffee and passion for art are often blended, and Gallery Drip Coffee in the Bangkok … read the full post

Jun 21 2013

Bangkok’s Loy La Long revisited

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Just lovely.

Here on Travelfish we’ve written about Bangkok’s Loy La Long before. Our man in Bangkok David Luekens waxed so lyrical about it — declaring it “his dream hotel” — that I just had to try it for myself. So on a recent trip through Bangkok I treated myself to two nights (must be thorough!) at … read the full post

Jun 17 2013

Northeastern Chinese food at Kiew Jeen, Bangkok

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French fried green eggplant -- very tasty indeed.

Chinese flavours, ingredients and cooking techniques have long been incorporated into the cuisine of Thailand. They’re evident on practically every Bangkok street in cheap staples like khao man kai, ba mii pet and kwit-thiao. If you’re in the mood for something different, stop by Kiew Jeen for rich northeastern Chinese Liaoning-style food. Liaoning cuisine is known for strong flavours, soft … read the full post

Jun 13 2013

Day trip to Don Wai market, Bangkok

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First one to eat a whole bowl gets a prize!

Pungent stewed mackerel, heady Thai curries and mounds of chilli paste mingled as we bent and ducked through the crowd. Dozens of whole boiled ducks lined up as if just called into battle. Great uncles and aunties from the countryside rubbed shoulders with trendy urbanites, all with bulging sacks of goodies dangling from their fingers. … read the full post

Jun 10 2013

Review: Bunthon Restaurant, Bangkok

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Som tam with pork neck -- a first for us.

We love the subtly sweet chilli pastes of central Thailand, the fiery curries of the south and the rustic spices up north, but the northeastern region — better known as Isaan — produces what we find to be the most addictive food in the kingdom. If you’re in Bangkok’s historic Rattanakosin district and get hit … read the full post

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