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May 10 2013

Phrases every visitor to Thailand should know: Jai yen

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Looking for the pure heart.

We’ve delved into the subtleties of mai pen rai; the next phrase we think every traveller to Thailand should know, jai yen, literally translates as “cool heart“. Good to keep in mind during tense situations, it highlights Thai culture’s emphasis on staying cool and composed. In a deeper sense, jai yen can be a powerful … read the full post

May 06 2013

Bangkok’s Thaling Chan floating market

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Heavenly smells.

Nestled to the north of old Thonburi along the Chak Phra canal, the Thaling Chan floating market is a convenient choice for those who want to see (and taste) a canal-side Thai market without straying too far from Bangkok. It may not be the best, biggest, or most ‘authentic’ floating market around, but it certainly … read the full post

Apr 20 2013

Air Orchid Farm & Market, Bangkok

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Ready for market.

Of all the abundant flowers that burst with colour year-round in Thailand, none can match the delicate beauty of orchids. Located just outside Bangkok, Air Orchid Farm is perhaps the best place in the kingdom to experience the many types of orchids in all their splendid glory. Encompassing some 25,000 distinctive species of orchid, the … read the full post

Apr 16 2013

Review: Cafe Velodome, Bangkok

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Get on yer bike

It’s always lovely to find a good, friendly independent coffee shop after you’ve been trudging around in the heat of Bangkok. Whether you’ve been exploring the Grand Palace or Sanam Luang, Cafe Velodome offers just such respite in the form of a lovely air-conditioned space with park views, delicious cake and a lengthy coffee menu. … read the full post

Apr 15 2013

Talaad Mai: a feast for the senses in Bangkok’s Chinatown

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A bed of shiitake under a ceiling of fish maw.

Dim sum, fish heads, gingko, shark fins, oolong, incense, Vespas, smoked duck, egg noodle, sala bao, tea cake, goji berry, fish maw, stinky fruit, salty people, pickled cabbage, pig intestines, pumpkin seeds, dried squid, Teochew great grandmums sipping lo-han-guo and the oldest Chinese shrine in Thailand — mix it all together and what do you … read the full post

Apr 10 2013

Ghost of Mae Nak shrine, Bangkok

Mae Nak sits in her "living room".

Spirits, deities and ghosts have long held an important place in Thai culture. Most Thai people don’t question their existence, and stories about them — usually with heavy doses of love and revenge — are exceedingly popular. The most famous is the legend of Mae Nak (aka Nang Nak), a tragic tale of a woman who … read the full post

Mar 21 2013

Review: Flow House, Bangkok


It’s hot in Bangkok. Really hot. Perhaps that’s why Flow House, a simulated wave surfing machine where you can boogyboard or “flowboard” has been so popular since it opened in 2012. It’s been a huge hit for private parties and lazy weekends when kids and adults head to show off their surfing skills — or … read the full post

Mar 10 2013

Where to enjoy the Bangkok riverfront for free

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A little down time at Rama IX Park.

Most of the Chao Phraya riverfront in Bangkok is packed with upscale hotels and condos, dilapidated shacks, industrial shipyards and the odd parking lot. While plenty of restaurants offer patio seating along the river, most are too expensive for those on a tight backpacker budget. Few and far between as they may be, Bangkok does … read the full post

Mar 01 2013

Bangkok immigration office

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A few years ago the Bangkok immigration office moved to a gargantuan modern building off Chaeng Watthana Road, not far from Don Muang airport in the city’s northern reaches. Although the old office off Sathorn Road was far more convenient, the new one gets points for modern facilities and spaciousness. Here’s a wrap on what … read the full post

Feb 27 2013

Phrases every visitor to Thailand should know: Mai pen rai

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"So a train's going through the market, mai pen raaaiiii."

Beyond basics like khop khun (thank you) and horng nahm yuu thee nai (where is the bathroom?), the Thai language draws on a pool of deeply emotional/spiritual words and ideas, many of which are difficult to translate. In the coming weeks, we’ll be spotlighting a handful of phrases that are useful, but will also allow … read the full post

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