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Jul 04 2013

Guide to shopping in Bangkok’s Pratunam

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Platinum Fashion Mall would have frightened people 50 years ago.

A quick tuk tuk ride from the glitzy malls of Siam Square, Pratunam is the place in Bangkok to score clothing, accessories and electronics on the cheap. With wholesale goods packed into alleys and labyrinthine malls, approaching this entire neighbourhood of shopping mayhem can be daunting at first, but a little know-how goes a long … read the full post

Feb 19 2013

Huay Khwang Market, Bangkok

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Beware rogue tuk tuks

It’s midnight. You suddenly remember you need to stock up on fruit, pick up an iPhone cover, browse Chinese medicines and purchase a pig’s head. Fret not, Bangkok’s Huay Khwang market is the one-stop destination where you can check off everything on your shopping list. Especially if your shopping list features a lot of kitten … read the full post

Feb 03 2013

Khlong Thom and Baan Mo electronics markets, Bangkok

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Tick... Tick... Tick...

Are you in the market for a state-of-the-art karaoke machine, a clock that looks like the fancy rim on a Ferrari, a fan that emits a black light glow as it spins or DVDs of movies that just started showing in theaters? If so, you need to check out the electronics vendors at Khlong Thom … read the full post

Jan 28 2013

Haggling in Bangkok

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I'll give you 20 baht for it

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who love to haggle and those who would rather be ripped off and saved the embarrassment of a little playful banter. For those who would rather not be taken for a ride on their trip to Bangkok, you’ll be pleased to know haggling is expected … read the full post

Jan 07 2013

Talad Rot Fai, Bangkok

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One man's trash...

Bangkok is vast and bursting with things to do, but it can still be a bit tricky finding something off the tourist radar if you’re not familiar with the city. But Talad Rot Fai (the Train Market) ticks all the boxes when it comes to a hip local hangout for those in the know. If … read the full post

Sep 21 2012

Photos of Bangkok’s Asiatique

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Welcome to Asiatique

We’ve written before on Bangkok‘s riverside Asiatique shopping extravaganza, but on a recent visit to the city we had the opportunity to spend a late afternoon and evening wandering the alleys, sampling the snackies and soaking up the Chao Phraya scenery. All in all, it’s a bit of a gentrified Chatuchak market. The laneways are … read the full post

Jul 12 2012

Finding Western-sized women’s clothes in Bangkok

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If your bottom is any larger than a peach, shopping in Bangkok for clothes can be a frustrating experience at best and out-and-out humiliating at worst. Perhaps you’d considered yourself reasonably slender when you first touched down in the Big Mango. That opinion may be challenged when you take your first wander around a night … read the full post

May 30 2012

Asiatique: Bangkok’s newest night bazaar

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Asiatique, a new Bangkok night bazaar set along the Chao Phraya River, appears to be catching on fast. Along with upwards of 1,500 shops and restaurants, the bazaar boasts Thailand’s longest riverfront boardwalk, which stretches 300 metres and makes for some glitzy photo-ops among the evening sparkle of the river. Asiatique isn’t quite running on … read the full post

Apr 19 2012

Khlong Suan old market

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Chatuchak and Siam Square are great places to shop in Bangkok, but if looking for an authentic, non-touristy Thai market, sometimes it’s necessary to stray off the beaten path. Khlong Suan old market is most certainly out of the way, to put it nicely, or in the middle of nowhere, to be blunt, but for … read the full post

Feb 09 2012

Vintage clothes shopping in northern Bangkok

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As someone who grew up with a father who would dumpster dive for kitchen tiles, and a mother who would drag home tattered couches from the street curbs, I was taught early about the natural high of stumbling across a ‘find’. You know, the shopping euphoria that washes over you when you find the most … read the full post

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