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Oct 09 2013

Parks and other green spaces in Bangkok: Part II

Just another perfect Benjakiti day.

We’ve spotlighted the city’s smaller slices of green; now it’s onto the big boys. All of these parks offer long strolls on wide expanses of grass, several boast extensive activities and some have a few unexpected attractions. These are the spots where millions of city-dwellers and travellers go for recreation and respite from the concrete chaos. … read the full post

Oct 02 2013

Parks and other green spaces in Bangkok: Part I

Saranrom: it's easy to see why the nobles hung out here.

With more than a dozen parks and other public green spaces strategically dotted around Bangkok, a pleasant place to play, picnic and exercise is never far away. Part one of our wrap on the city’s parks focuses on the smaller options. In a giant metropolis, small can be refreshing. Benchasiri The best known of Bangkok’s … read the full post

Apr 10 2013

Ghost of Mae Nak shrine, Bangkok

Mae Nak sits in her "living room".

Spirits, deities and ghosts have long held an important place in Thai culture. Most Thai people don’t question their existence, and stories about them — usually with heavy doses of love and revenge — are exceedingly popular. The most famous is the legend of Mae Nak (aka Nang Nak), a tragic tale of a woman who … read the full post

Mar 21 2013

Review: Flow House, Bangkok


It’s hot in Bangkok. Really hot. Perhaps that’s why Flow House, a simulated wave surfing machine where you can boogyboard or “flowboard” has been so popular since it opened in 2012. It’s been a huge hit for private parties and lazy weekends when kids and adults head to show off their surfing skills — or … read the full post

Feb 11 2013

Bangkok’s Benjakiti Park

Bangkok shows off its pretty side.

With a small lake rimmed by abundant flowers and some of the most attractive fountains in Southeast Asia, Benjakiti Park is arguably Bangkok’s prettiest green space. Though Lumpini Park is far more popular, Benjakiti also offers a range of activities and, in particular, has become a cycling haven in the often gridlocked city. Above all, … read the full post

Feb 01 2013

Wat Kampaeng: An ancient, intimate temple in Thonburi

The original ubosot at Wat Kampaeng.

Bangkok is home to hundreds of temples. Some, like Wat Pho, are major tourist attractions while others, such as Wat Mahathat and Wat Pak Nam, are huge monasteries that double as Buddhist universities or meditation centres. Most are small and don’t draw many tourists, but that doesn’t always mean they’re unexceptional. Located along a canal … read the full post

Jan 22 2013

Neilson Hays Library, Cafe & Gallery, Bangkok

A lovely sight in a modern part of town.

For 90 years, the Neilson Hays Library has encouraged English-language readers to expand their minds while enjoying a slice of peace and quiet in hectic Bangkok. A library may not sound like the city’s most exciting attraction, but those seeking culture and sophistication won’t be disappointed by the soothing atmosphere, elegant architecture and formidable collections … read the full post

Jan 10 2013

Bangkok’s Ancient Siam

A monk strolls through one of Ancient Siam's many passages.

Known as Muang Boran in Thai, Ancient Siam is an open-air museum south of Bangkok that features replicas of Thailand’s most important historical sites along with sculpture gardens and mini-museums. Though the replicas are a far cry from originals both in scope and craftsmanship, Ancient Siam earns points for its relaxing atmosphere, impressive scale, creative … read the full post

Dec 30 2012

Saranrom Royal Garden, Bangkok

"That's right, I cyled all day in the hot sun, what a work out..."

Despite being tucked right behind Wat Pho and the Grand Palace, Saranrom Royal Garden (aka Saranrom Park) is one of Bangkok’s most overlooked green spaces. This distinguished patch of trees, ponds, flowers and gazebos once hosted Thai royal gatherings. Now a public park, Saranrom is a pleasant and convenient spot for a morning stroll, a … read the full post

Dec 09 2012

Bangkok’s Assumption Cathedral

A few minutes to imagine you're in Rome.

One of a few striking 200-plus year old churches in Bangkok, Assumption Cathedral is the centre of Catholicism in Thailand. The church is nestled in a historic area off Charoen Krung Road near the Chao Phraya River and is worth a visit whether worshipping or just sightseeing. Named after the biblical name for the death … read the full post

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