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Dec 05 2012

Bangkok’s Wat Yannawa

This piece is titled "Charming / Frightening".

The glittering rooftop spires of Wat Yannawa are difficult to miss when approaching Saphan Taksin BTS station or Sathorn express boat pier along the Chao Phraya river. Like Wat Kalayanamit further north, Wat Yannawa receives few foreign visitors despite it being historic, ornate and easily accessible. With its elaborate hall of relics and unique wiharn … read the full post

Nov 11 2012

Bangkok daytrip: Pak Nam market and Phra Samut chedi

Fishy friends.

Wedged between Bangkok and the mouth of the Chao Phraya River in Samut Prakan province, the small but colourful city of Pak Nam is home to one of Thailand’s largest fresh seafood markets. Combine that with a boat ride to the historic Phra Samut chedi across the river and it’s an enjoyable half-day excursion that … read the full post

Nov 07 2012

Bangkok’s Erawan Museum

Like being thrown into a giant kaleidoscope.

My jaw dropped when I first laid eyes on the 250 ton, three-headed copper elephant that stands 44 metres tall south of Bangkok, but at that point I thought it was just a very big statue. It wasn’t until later that I learned how this massive elephant houses a melange of colour, texture, history, spirituality … read the full post

Oct 28 2012

A boat trip at Tha Kha floating market

Things move a bit more slowly in these parts.

Tropical flowers reach over our tiny wooden row boat, tickling my shoulders and filling the air with fragrance as we pass. Curious children and dogs peer at us from the porches of stilted homes that hover over the water. A farmer, his boat brimming with fresh-picked pineapples, flashes a smile before making small talk with … read the full post

Oct 12 2012

Bangkok’s Lumpini Park

Lumpini Park: Keeping Bangkokians sane since 1920.

Fantastic green spaces are found in many Southeast Asian cities. Hanoi has West Lake, Singapore boasts Bukit Timah and Chiang Mai is graced by Doi Suthep to name a few. Yet only Bangkok’s Lumpini Park rubs shoulders with London’s St James Park and New York’s Central Park among the world’s best centrally located urban parks. … read the full post

Aug 30 2012

Bangkok’s Amphawa: What is going on?

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On its official website, the monstrous Chuchaiburi Sri Amphawa luxury hotel-in-the-making boasts, “Reflecting the community’s values, our hotel cherishes Amphawa’s cultural heritage and aspires to preserve and pass it on for future generations.” It’s a shamefully off-base claim given how this lavish hotel construction project is levelling homes that are more than a century old … read the full post

Aug 13 2012

Bangkok’s Erawan shrine

If you light some incense, be careful not to burn other people.

If all one saw of Bangkok was the glitzy Siam Square shopping district along Rama I Road, they might pass the city off as a place of gaudy shopping malls and materialistic locals who have little interest in spirituality. Yet this maze of malls is still part of Bangkok, and the spiritual undercurrents that pervade … read the full post

Jul 23 2012

Baan Chang Thai arts and muay Chaiya school

And this is what happens if you mess with Kruu Khet himself.

Painting, kick boxing and puppetry may not seem to go together, but at master Kruu Lek’s Baan Chang Thai arts and muay Chaiya school, expressive art and mindful boxing synthesise seamlessly. Simultaneously teaching an ancient type of muay Thai known as muay Chaiya along with several forms of traditional Thai art, the school is highly … read the full post

Jul 16 2012

Bangkok’s Chao Phraya River

Just another bridge.

You won’t have to be in Bangkok long before you discover the significance of the Chao Phraya River. A short saunter along its banks will reveal boats packed with tourists, ferries stuffed with commuters on their way to the office, stunning architecture, riverside bars, fishermen after their next haul and – if you’re lucky – … read the full post

Jul 11 2012

Santa Cruz Church: a relic of Thailand’s first Europeans

Santa Cruz Church looming over the river as it has for centuries.

Bangkok has many churches, but none carries a historical legacy equal to that of Santa Cruz Church on the Chao Phraya River’s western bank in Thonburi. An artifact of Thailand’s first European settlers — the Portuguese — the church also symbolises the religious freedom and cultural tolerance that’s been a hallmark of the Thai kingdom … read the full post

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