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Jun 24 2012

A pocket of Thonburi culture and food behind Wat Arun

The food in Bangkok is so good that it makes me wish I could change my stomach as though it were a vacuum cleaner bag and start fresh with a new one any time.

For many short-term travellers to Bangkok, a quick jaunt across the Chao Phraya River to the splendid Wat Arun is all that’s experienced of Thonburi. Though largely away from the tourists, Thonburi is home to some of the area’s richest history and culture, and its overall laid-back, artsy and at times quirky atmosphere make it … read the full post

Jun 20 2012

Hindu Temple and Kathmandu Gallery in Bangkok’s Silom

Stop in and browse

Within a city bursting with history and doused with malls, culture comes in many forms. In a Terminal 21 shopping line, in Wat Pho on the river, around the ring of a muay Thai boxing fight. This weekend, I sought out another shade of Bangkok’s cultural mishmash, along the busy streets of the financial district Silom. … read the full post

Jun 06 2012

Bangkok’s Baan Lao flute making village

Bangkok doesn’t give up its secrets too easily, but for those willing to look deeper, the traditional flute making village of Baan Lao on the west side of the Chao Phraya river in Thonburi offers a taste of some “real” Thai culture away from the tourists. It also happens to make a worthy side trip … read the full post

May 18 2012

Bangkok’s Pak Khlong Talaat flower market

In the concrete maze of Bangkok, colourful flowers brighten up the greys around every corner, but it’s not just because they look nice; flowers play a pivotal role in an ancient Thai tradition of making offerings to spirits and sacred representations as tangible expressions of kindness and generosity. Bangkok’s biggest flower market, Pak Khlong Talaat, … read the full post

May 14 2012

Bang Nam Phueng Floating Market

When visitors come to Thailand, they tend to have a mental to-do list, derived from overheard stories at hostels, or the pages of a guide: ride an elephant, pet a tiger, eat a ripe mango, lay on the beach, and of course, visit a floating market. All of these things are possible, but the problem … read the full post

May 04 2012

Review: Bangkok’s Wat Saket and the Golden Mount

One of Thailand’s most treasured temples, the Golden Mount of Wat Saket glistens above Bangkok’s historic Banglamphu area as imposingly today as it did more than 200 years ago. Wat Saket’s living history, peaceful atmosphere and panoramic views of Bangkok have made it one of my favourite major sites in the city, and when a … read the full post

Mar 29 2012

Wat Arun: The temple of DIY

Wat Pho may be the larger-than-life stunner on the Bangkok temple circuit, but Wat Arun is still a fine lookin’ piece of sacred real estate waiting across the river.  If you are like me and equate the old with the stunning, the decrepit with the intriguing, then Wat Arun is worth a stop on your … read the full post

Mar 11 2012

Wat Pho: Larger-than-life beauty

Living in a city where skyscrapers sprout like dandelions and Starbucks open alongside wats, it is easy to forgo historical sites for more modern lures. But Bangkok’s absurd concurrence of the old with the new is the nub of its charm, and the ancient sites are as worthy of a visit as Chatuchak market or … read the full post

Feb 06 2012

Jim Thompson’s House

Jim Thompson was a designer, a silk magnate, a Thailophile, and, incidentally, a spy for the West. The history of his undercover involvement in the OSS and the personal politics of his later years are both fascinating and widely misrepresented. But at the Jim Thompson House in Bangkok, you will hear about none of this. … read the full post

Feb 02 2012

Learning Thai in Bangkok

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“Language is the road map of a culture. It tells you where its people come from and where they are going.” – Rita Mae Brown Learning Thai is the best way to understand Thailand — the very essence of Thai relationships is expressed in the way language is used. The influence of the central Thai … read the full post

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