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Aug 08 2012

Muang Tam Temple, Buriram

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The Angkor-period temple of Muang Tam in Buriram province is closely associated with neighbouring Phanom Rung. Prasart Muang Tam lies four or five kilometres as the crow flies on the plain beneath the extinct volcano on which Phanom Rung is sited. And while the latter was certainly the most prestigious religious site and pilgrimage destination … read the full post

Aug 06 2012

Phanom Rung Temple, Buriram

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The inner courtyard

One of the most famous Angkor period temples in Thailand, Phanom Rung lies atop an extinct volcano some 50 kilometres southwest of the provincial capital in Buriram‘s Nang Rong district. It was never completely overgrown and ruined as with many Khmer temples and it was never a battlefield either, so consequently it remained in relatively … read the full post

Aug 04 2012


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Muang Tam

The southern reaches of Northeast Thailand or Isaan is one of our favourite parts of the kingdom. From west to east, the provinces of Buriram, Surin, Si Saket and Ubon Ratchathani abut the Dandrek Mountains and the border with Cambodia, and indeed in the southern parts of these provinces you’re just as likely to hear … read the full post