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Dec 17 2012

Trang’s botanical gardens and jungle canopy walkway

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From boring plantlife researcher to exciting jungle adventurer in five minutes.

Most travellers briefly pass through south Thailand’s Trang province en route to one of the Andaman Sea islands, perhaps grabbing a kopi or stopping by one of the area’s many waterfalls along the way. In search of something different, we recently gave the Trang Peninsular Botanical Gardens (Thung Khai) a shot. We were expecting plants … read the full post

Jan 18 2012

Kopi tasting in Trang

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It’s true that most travellers only see the southwest Thai mainland through the windows of a minibus, en route to the Andaman Sea islands. If you’re into rich culture and a unique local food scene, however, you might consider spending a day or two in the mid-sized provincial capital of Trang. At first glance it … read the full post