Oct 12 2011

Bangkok flooding update: October 12, 2011

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The next couple of days will be key in seeing whether Bangkok escapes the worst of floods that have now swelled across two-thirds of Thailand, though even if the city eludes the waters, the last three days of October will be another test, authorities say. “Don’t underestimate the floods,” Energy Minister Pichai Naripthaphan said according … read the full post

Oct 11 2011

Bangkok flooding update: October 11, 2011

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As the tides swell twice a day towards their peak this weekend, Bangkok readies sandbags, moves valuables to higher ground, and charges flashlight batteries, all the while hoping that this isn’t going to be the one. At the moment, the river embankments are holding in most of the city — during this morning’s peak in … read the full post

Oct 10 2011

Bangkok flooding update: October 10, 2011

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Bangkok is still bracing for flooding in a few days to a week as waters from elsewhere in Thailand continue to surge towards the already low-lying capital. Thirty of Thailand’s 77 provinces have been hit by floods and landslides since July, with a death toll now edging towards 300. Reuters reports that the total area … read the full post

Oct 08 2011

Batton down the levees: Bangkok prepares for floods

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The stars — and moon — are moving into alignment to bring Bangkok some of the worst flooding in fifty years. October 16 will see a spring tide (a tide that is higher than normal because of the position of the moon) that causes the Chao Phraya river to stop draining towards the sea, while … read the full post

Oct 06 2011

Avoiding ATM fees in Thailand

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It’s a nasty surprise that most travellers only find out when they arrive, but bank-owned automatic teller machines (ATMs) in Thailand charge 150 baht per foreign transaction. The fee can add up to quite a hefty burden if you were planning on withdrawing money in small amounts, daily. It might not seem like much, but … read the full post

Oct 01 2011

Chiang Mai flooding update 1st October

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On the basis that you’d assume no news was good news there was no news yesterday – which is good news! Although water had spread out to areas further from the river over the last couple of days levels are now happily down right across Chiang Mai. Worarot and night bazaar areas and west of … read the full post

Sep 30 2011

A quest for bread in Bangkok

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Eatable bread in the land of rice can be a hit or a miss. Well, mostly a miss. I set out on a mission to figure out why bread in Bangkok was just so bad, and if there were any bakeries that fit the exception. My first question went unanswered (I’m thinking it has something … read the full post

Sep 29 2011

Chiang Mai flooding September 29

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There was actually a bit of a festive air down by Chiang Mai’s Ping this morning  — not that the poor folks with homes and businesses along the riverside or in the worse hit suburbs downstream would have been in party moods — but locals and tourists turned out en masse with cameras and videos … read the full post

Sep 28 2011

Chiang Mai 28 September flooding update

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With the recent heavy rains in Chiang Mai itself and the Ping River filling up with run-off further north the river finally carried out its threat to burst it’s banks around 4.00 pm today, (see VDO clip below). Water is now infiltrating into the night bazaar and Chinatown/Worarot area as well as suburbs close to … read the full post

Sep 24 2011

What is a bucket?

You know what a bucket is right? Generally plastic, comes in hues of for instance pink, red, blue, green and purple. Little white handle. Useful for sand. Kids like them right? Wrong. Or, well, not quite. Well sure, that’s a bucket, but it’s not a bucket. At least not a Thai island bucket. Buckets were … read the full post

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