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Apr 10 2012

Cycling from Bangkok to Singapore: From the border to Penang

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Things change the minute you get into Malaysia. For one thing, most of the roadside food stalls disappear, as do the paved verges. In Thailand, almost every road we were on had at least half a metre of paved verge — a sensible road building policy in Southeast Asia, where many of the vehicles are … read the full post

Mar 19 2012

Cycling from Bangkok to Singapore

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Big moves require big plans, or at least that’s the way we roll here at When one of our writers found out that he and his partner were being transferred away from Bangkok, it called for a last hurrah — some sort of ridiculous gesture that included both intense (and preferably bizarre) exertion, as … read the full post

Nov 30 2011

Cycling Ko Sukorn

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Off the beaten path of speedboats packed with sticky tourists, the small island of Ko Sukorn sits tucked away off Thailand’s southwest coast. It may not be the quintessential white sands and turquoise water Thai island experience, but a trip to Sukorn offers an unforgettable look into a different but still beautiful shade of Thailand’s … read the full post

Jun 20 2011

Cycling in Bangkok

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Finding pleasant ways to be outside in Bangkok is a never-ending quest for me. It is humid, there are crowds, more often than not I have just sludged through an opaque ankle-deep puddle. With the goal of spending the day outside and making my way to new territory I spent a recent Sunday afternoon on … read the full post