Feb 24 2011

A food splurge in Mui Ne

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I’ve covered accommodation and drinking (albeit with a bit of food thrown in), so for my last blog on Mui Ne I thought I’d write about our dinner treat.

I’d heard good things about staying at The Sailing Club but it was well out of our budget — especially over Tet — so when our hosts mentioned the Saturday night buffet my first thought was “sounds great but a bit pricey”. Then we found out it was $18 (++) including free flow wine. Yes, still pricey, but given how we like our food and our wine we thought we’d get our money’s worth.

Buffet dinner sign (sorry about the flash)

Buffet dinner sign (sorry about the flash)

The walk through the softly-lit gardens to the restaurant set a romantic tone and the restaurant area itself had a very pleasant atmosphere: unobtrusive music, welcoming staff, and the sound of the ocean in the background. We’d booked in advance and, although it wasn’t full, were glad we did, as a lovely outside table by the pool had been reserved for us.

The range of food on the buffet was a bit disappointing, with just three barbecued dishes on offer — chicken kebabs, fish kebabs and squid — but the salad and bread selection made up for it; I don’t know about you but when travelling, and even now living here, decent salads are in short supply and, I never thought I’d say this but, I crave them. The freshly baked bread, stuffed with cheese, was also very moreish. I was a happy girl.

We were also both very happy with the desserts. One of THE BEST cheesecakes I have ever eaten. Seriously. And certainly the best in Vietnam. There was also a lovely syrupy spongy cake thing and some little pots of heavenly chocolate mousse. Plus fresh fruit, but I gave that a miss.

The wine was good too. It said South African on the poster but it was actually a Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon (Frontera). Not top notch but a decent bottle and it was free flowing, as was the water.

So, certainly not an everyday option for most of us, and not somewhere to go to start the evening with a swing — you’ll be too full and it’s the wrong kind of ambiance — but for a special, relaxing, good quality spread in beautiful surroundings it’s worth the cash.

Sailing Club Mui Ne

24 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Ham Tien, Mui Ne, Vietnam

Telephone: (062) 384 7440
Fax: (062) 384 441

Website: www.sailingclubvietnam.com/scmuine.php

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