Aug 10 2011

YKC spa & hair salon

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Saigon boasts several salons throughout the city, offering a wide range of services, prices, and quality. My favourite, only a 10-minute taxi or xe om ride away from the heart of downtown on the busy street of Dien Bien Phu, is YKC in District 3. I go here for all my hair, nail, and facial needs.

Time for some beauty spa action.

When I first got to Saigon, my biggest fear, besides crossing the street, was having someone that may have problems understanding me cutting my hair. After receiving several recommendations from my expat friends, I breathed a huge sigh or relief when I met Ky, the co-owner and one of two hair stylists. Having grown up in Canada he not only speaks great English, but he also gave a great haircut, which also included a 20-minute shampoo and head massage.

20 minutes in heaven.

Besides haircuts, YKC offers services, such as manicures, pedicures, waxing, facials and aromatherapy. All of the salon’s services, just like the haircut, seem to come with a massage of some sort; for example, my pedicure lasted 50 minutes! If you’re really looking to unwind, they also offer full day spa packages, though it comes with a price tag: US$180 will get you over five hours of relaxing spa time and skin treatments and includes a light Vietnamese meal.

Mirror, mirror on the wall.

Other than the extra massages and spa packages, one thing that separates YKC from other salons in the city is its cleanliness and attention to detail. Not that I’m OCD but when someone is scraping my cuticles I appreciate that they are doing it with clean tools in a clean environment. They are always ready to provide you with beverages or the latest issue of Vogue and they also have free WiFi.

Pick a colour, any colour!

Compared with your average Saigon salon, YKC does have higher prices. Haircuts are $34 to $42 and pedicures start at $12, but the quality of service and the overall cleanliness of the salon make the extra price worth it if this is important to you. And, compared to what I normally pay at salons in the West, where my haircuts don’t come with massages, I feel like I’m getting away with murder. YKC is a small salon and can get booked out, so do call ahead for an appointment.

YKC Beauty Spa & Hair Studio
219 Dien Bien Phu, District 3
T: (0848) 3829 2791; (0848) 3827 5194

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