Aug 18 2011

Saigon tailors

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When I travel I pack light. This helps me breeze through airports and carry fewer pieces of luggage up the stairs in my elevator-less hostel. But packing light has its drawbacks, and sometimes I don’t have room for all the outfits I may need, say for a fun night out or a fancy dinner. That’s why I love living in Saigon, because a seemingly endless number of tailor shops are eager to help meet my fashion needs — at low prices.

I think these are a bit more traditional than my normal style.

Tailors in the city can make all varieties of clothing, with quick turnaround times, for a fraction of their cost back home. Plus, having clothes tailor-made is way more fun than just shopping — you walk into a shop, pick your style, pick your material, and get measured. A shop will have several samples of the styles of clothes they make and stacks and stacks of material to choose from. Prices are great too: a two-piece woman’s suit will start at around $50, a button-up shirt can be as low as $10, a dress for $35. And the clothes fit well, because they’re made for you.

So many pretty colors!

Tailors can also recreate your favourite clothes. For example, I had a shirt I loved that was starting to wear out; I took it to one of my trusty tailors and asked them to copy it for me. Two days later I had a nearly perfect replacement. Sure there were slight differences, but for an end cost of $15, one fifth of the original cost, it was pretty close.

Maybe I've spent a little too much money here!

You can find tailors in several places in Saigon: they are sprinkled throughout the Pham Ngu Lao area with several on De Tham and Bui Vien. My favourite shop is a bigger place, Nam Silk, on Bui Vien. The tailors at Nam Silk are professional and more importantly they are quick; more than once they’ve got clothes ready for me in a day. You can also find tailor shops on the trendy street of Dong Khoi. These are more higher priced than those on De Tham but the quality is also higher, with finer quality materials and tailors better versed in working with them.

Outside of downtown, you can find tailor shops on Le Van Sy in District 3, which is sometimes called Silk Street. These shops will be cheaper than shops in Pham Ngu Lao, but they aren’t as used to quick turnaround times.

District 3 tailors aren't always quite as fancy.

Nam Silk
03 Bui Vien street, Ward Pham Ngu Lao D.1
T: (09) 3922 2000 or

Creation Shop
105 Dong Khoi, D.1
T: (08) 3829 5429

Diva Silk
225 De Tham, D.1
T: (08) 5404 1696

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4 Responses to “Saigon tailors”

  1. Dianaon 12 Sep 2011 at 5:06 pm

    Me and my friends had bad experience with NAM SILK. Not only did they not do the right dress for us. We did not fit properly and hence hv to alter and wait and end up they could not deliver it on time and we have to ask our friends to collect it from us when they come to HCMC. Service was crude and bad esp the plump vietnam gal who simply ignored our existant. They gave good service when we are ordering and paying$$$ but when the dress don’t fit, they get annoyed and did not seem helpful at all. We found out that NAM SILK tailor are outsource as such it takes longer time for them to alter. We found another tailor few blocks down that is owner cum tailor and does a much better job. I would not recommend anyone to NAM SILK.

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  3. Chrison 07 Dec 2011 at 12:19 am

    Had the same bad experience as Diana also regrettably didn’t managed to chance upon her article and to add on even my wife a local had difficulties dealing with them. My wife felt obligated after trying out several dress before nailing down a design to be make. Selection of fabric are limited and as describe by Diana their service was real BAD! They do not have any in-house tailor and alteration took us an hour of wait. They would try means and ways to make you accept what they gave you even there defects and when you request them to make changes things gets ugly!

    The unwillingness to do business and ill business ethnic I will strongly not RECOMMEND NAM SILK.

  4. Jakeon 18 Aug 2013 at 2:43 am

    Have tried Nam Silk. Good enough service and quick turn around (couple of days). Took a few refittings but they were happy to provide the alterations.

    However, the material on the suit was of a low quality, and, very quickly start to show signs of poor workmanship – in less than a year of normal wear.

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