Jan 20 2012

Indian restaurants in Hanoi

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Given I eat it at least once a week I thought a post about Indian food in Hanoi was due. Also, perhaps surprisingly, there are plenty of Indian restaurants in Hanoi – perfect for when you’re after a change of cuisine.

Looking for a change of cuisine?

Looking for a change?

My regular is Foodshop 45. Not because the food is the most authentic or good quality, but because it’s good value, tasty comfort food. I’m afraid to say that while I do appreciate the finer points of Indian cuisine, I usually most enjoy a curry on a Sunday night when I’m recovering from the weekend – Foodshop 45 does the trick.  If you like your curry saucy then this is the place to go: the goat vindaloo, chicken tikka jalfrezi and pork kebab are particular favourites.

Foodshop 45 delivers but the restaurant itself is located in a great spot next to Truc Bach Lake. Downstairs is mainly low-level seating, with a  great view over the lake; upstairs has standard tables and chairs and is the place to go if you’re after air-con; and the area at the back is on floor seating for those whose bones don’t creak.

Enjoy the spot by the lake

Enjoy the spot by the lake.

The newest kid on the block, Namaste, opened to rave reviews last year and continues to deliver quality, authentic North and South Indian cuisine. But Namaste is not just about the food: the restaurant itself is bright, clean and tastefully decorated and the owner, Gopi, is welcoming and happy to make recommendations. If you’re in a group it’s well worth leaving the ordering to him – you’ll be assured of a well-balanced, delicious feast.

Namaste is on Lo Su, at the southern end of Old Quarter. Expect to pay around 200,000 VND for a main with rice and a beer.

Khazaana Indian Halal Restaurant is the oldest Indian restaurant in Hanoi. I confess,I’m not a regular so can’t offer a personal opinion, and reviews have dropped off a bit since Namaste came on the scene, but if you’re staying down near the Opera House it’ll be your local. Prices are similar to Namaste.

Afternoon tea anyone?

Afternoon tea anyone?

Finally, and the most conveniently located for Old Quarter, is Tandoor. Tandoor is on Hang Be, slap bang in the centre of the tourist area. Unfortunately that’s where the positives end, as the food’s nothing special and there have been reports of poor service. Still, its Happy Hour in the afternoon may be worth a look in.

Foodshop 45
59 Truc Bach Street, Hanoi
T: (04) 3716 2959

Namaste Hanoi
47 Lo Su, Hanoi
T: (04) 3935 2400

1C Tong Dan, Hanoi
T: (04) 3934 5657/3934 3513

24 Hang Be Street, Hanoi
T: (04) 3824 5359


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3 Responses to “Indian restaurants in Hanoi”

  1. Steve Jacksonon 20 Jan 2012 at 12:47 pm

    Weird thing about Foodshop 45 is that, as you pointed out the food is not the most authentic or even the most tasty and yet…I keep coming back.

    Really good value, great portions, fast delivery if you want it or a great spot by the lake if you want to eat there.

    Run by lovely people. I’ve never once had a bad experience with them. The chicken vindaloo is pretty good. The food isn’t amazing but it’s pretty good and it’s always consistent.

    Namaste is great but feels a little more upscale – which is fine when you want that.

    I actually quite like Tandoor too. The service can be hit and miss but the food is great. Also – it’s across the road from a bar, which helps.

  2. Johnon 22 Jan 2012 at 10:22 am

    Foodshop is also one of my haunts when I’m in town, or I say “was”. One review posting on Newhanoian suggests there might be a vermin problem there. Personally, Foodshop has always given me a wonderful dinner, and the setting and pleasant service have been first rate.

    The one time I went to Khazaana, I was totally underwhelmed – especially with the service. The wait staff there all but ignored me, and even failed to return the small change from my bill.

    I will be stopping by Namaste shortly after my plane arrives (in November).

    All I can say is – please do at least two food posts a week. I’m especially wondering if there’s any decent pizza these days in Hanoi. It was a little hard after the Festa (Ly Quoc Su) closing last year. Is that terrible place starting with a “P” still in business – hardly pizza!

  3. Sarahon 22 Jan 2012 at 4:54 pm

    Thanks John and Steve for your additional comments. John – don’t let vermin reports put you off: it was an isolated report (surrounded by plenty of very good ones) and, without wishing to put you off eating anywhere, there’s a lot worse going on in other kitchens I’m sure!

    I’ll keep the food posts coming but 2 a week might be a bit of a stretch! I’ll get onto pizzas soon. And yes, ‘P’ is still operating.

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