Oct 01 2012

Review: Mango Bay Resort, Phu Quoc Island

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A mainstay tucked away down a rough, dirt road on Phu Quoc Island’s isolated Ong Lang Beach, Mango Bay Resort wants to put you in harmony with nature.

Lots of open space.

Lots of open space.

Mango Bay has 40 rooms, the majority of which are thatched-roof bungalows scattered throughout its expansive grounds and beachfront. Bungalows come in a handful of varieties, with the big difference between them being the size and number of beds ($80 to $135). Each bungalow tends to have quite a bit of space between it and the next closest room, adding to the overall vibe of privacy. Inside, the rooms have a romantic, rustic feel, with wooden furniture, four-poster beds and some of the most stylish fans you’ll ever see. Bathrooms are both huge and outdoor, with a partial roof and a bamboo fence to keep the neighbours out.

Rustic and isolated.

Rustic and isolated.

Part of Mango Bay’s eco-friendly mission is to reduce the their power and water consumption as much as possible. For example, the bungalows are fan-cooled only, the resort has no televisions or telephones, and the lawn isn’t mowed — instead it’s managed with cattle. Still, the fans keep the rooms cool, you didn’t come to Mango Bay to watch TV and the cows do a good job. Plus they still give you WiFi.

What you’re really paying for at Mango Bay is the utter seclusion its location provides and you’ll certainly have a quiet stay. Roughly a kilometre stretch of beach, some of it a little rocky, is for you and the limited number of other guests to share and explore. You can rent a kayak or snorkel gear and explore Mango Bay’s nearby reef. And, if you just want to relax and soak up some sun, a decent on-site bar and restaurant will make sure you don’t have to move far.

This is about as nice as the road gets.

This is about as nice as the road gets.

The isolation comes at a price — if you want to visit the night market, see the Tranh Stream or go to a different restaurant it’s going to take some trekking. Added to the distance is the fact that the red dirt road leading to the resort is one of the roughest roads you may ever have the pleasure of travelling on. Some guests may feel a bit trapped, but others will love it; those looking to party will find Mango Bay too quiet and secluded, but those looking to unplug from the world and get away from it all probably won’t find much better.

Relax and enjoy the view.

Relax and enjoy the view.

With its excellent location, cool rooms and green attitude, Mango Bay has garnered quite the online reputation. As a “low-density resort,” space here is commonly limited, even during the low season. Your best bet to snaring a room is to book online, where you may find an occasional good deal. If the Bay is booked, or you desperately want a TV, the nearby Bo Resort is equally isolated but has less overall space. If you want something as stylish but closer to town, check out La Veranda on Long Beach. Or, if you don’t require staying in the lap of luxury and you’d rather save a little coin, the Beach Club is a reputable and cheaper option.

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Mango Bay Resort
Ong Lang Beach, Phu Quoc Island
T: (07) 7398 1693

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  1. Steve Jacksonon 01 Oct 2012 at 6:20 am

    An absolutely gorgeous place. Been twice now. It’s a hard one to button hole because basic is part of the deal but then paying for basic isn’t always an easy one to square – but it is lovely.

    I’d love to go back some time but the prices must have more than doubled since I first went. First time there I stayed a week – my earning potential has risen since then yet I couldn’t justify spending more than a weekend there now.

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