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Jun 30 2013

Thong Nhat Park, Hanoi

Expanse of water? Stick some swan boats on it.

Thong Nhat Park, a 15-minute ride from Hoan Kiem Lake, is the perfect spot during the day to relax with a book or enjoy a stroll without having to avoid Hanoi’s motorbikes and street vendors. Thong Nhat Park covers an area of more than 50 hectares in Hai Ba Trung district, to the south of … read the full post

Jun 29 2013

Review: Vaia, Hoi An

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Perfectly tailored to your needs.

With its grand French colonial facade, classic wrought-iron balconies and art deco lines, you’d be right to think there was some serious design clout behind Hoi An’s newest boutique offering, Vaia. Vaia is the first venture into the hotel scene by super power tailor, Yaly’s. A stone’s throw from the old town on the better end … read the full post

Jun 25 2013

Review: Green Street Hotel, Hanoi

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Green Street Hotel on Ma May Street is a good budget choice in Hanoi if you want to go a step up from a dorm room; it’s not fancy, but it does the job competently for under $20 and plops you in a good location. Green Street isn’t much to look at from the front: … read the full post

Jun 22 2013

Saigon street food: Banh canh

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Those are some thick noodles.

One favourite soup of the south, and a must try on a trip through Saigon, is banh canh — a soup that’s probably not as recognisable to the typical travellers as perhaps pho or bun bo hue. Banh canh includes a noodle that’s much thicker than what you typically find in a Vietnamese street soup. It’s about as … read the full post

Jun 21 2013

Budget drinks with views in Hanoi

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Now that's a view worth ending on.

You’ll have to spend a bit more than you’d pay for bia hoi or a cha da on the street, but with so many lakes it’s not too hard to find somewhere with a view and cheap drinks in Hanoi. Let’s start with the Old Quarter. Here, our pick for best spot is Cafe Pho … read the full post

Jun 18 2013

Review: Hoang Trinh Hotel, Hoi An

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Making the most of a gloomy ground floor outlook.

Peeking out from behind a courtyard decorated with colourful French cafe-style tables and chairs, bright red umbrellas and a frangipani tree, Hoi An’s Hoang Trinh Hotel is an excellent, quiet, under-$20 place to stay surrounded by some of the town’s most beautiful architecture. Front-facing rooms and the second-floor breakfast balcony look straight over the magnificent Confucius temple … read the full post

Jun 17 2013

Ms Dzung’s Massage, Hanoi

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An offshoot of long established social enterprise Just Massage, Ms Dzung’s Massage employs blind and partially-sighted staff and offers quality massages in a calming environment at good prices in Hanoi. Just Massage closed in 2012 (it has now re-opened — see below) so Ms Dzung, a skilled blind masseuse and trainer, decided to set up her own massage … read the full post

Jun 11 2013

Hoi An street food

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You just can't beat the atmosphere of a popular local stall.

There’s something about camping down on a tiny plastic stool and experiencing dining the Vietnamese way in Hoi An, even if said stool is hanging treacherously over the gutter of a busy road, you’re ankle deep in bits of screwed up paper and you’ve not a clue what you’ll be served because you’ve followed that … read the full post

Jun 09 2013

Review: Hoang Ty, Ho Chi Minh City

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Chairs with backs, unbelievable.

Saigon has a quite a few street food-style restaurants with great reputations, such as Hoang Ty, which stands out for a few dishes: banh canh in the mornings, morphing into banh trang dishes from lunch-time onwards. While the restaurant has a thick menu, featuring a version of most southern dishes, banh canh is what you should go for to … read the full post

Jun 06 2013

Getting shoes made in Hoi An

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Tong Art Shoe on Phan Boi Chau. One of the better cobblers in town.

Hoi An has got a bit of a reputation as a place to shop, and one area it excels in is shoes. Cobblers are lined back to back just outside the old town, each one displaying an arousing selection of dusty, dirty, badly glued pumps and sneakers, sandals and the odd bejewelled, eight-inch stacked heeled … read the full post

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