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Jun 05 2013

A few good family-style guesthouses in Saigon

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The sheets look clean.

Before the new crop of hostels in Saigon emerged, the best deals for a bed in the city were found at guesthouses. While guesthouses may no longer be the cheapest places to sleep in HCMC, they still offer some of the best bang for your lodging buck. If you value your privacy and want to stay … read the full post

Jun 04 2013

Street food Hoi An: Com ga

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Com Ga.

Com ga originated a few tens of kilometres down the coast, away from Hoi An, in Tam Ky. It’s similar to the Hainanese dish wenchang, which was introduced by immigrants to Central Vietnam during the marine silk road trading era. Hoi An then claimed the title of being the main shipping and R&R port for … read the full post

Jun 02 2013

Review: Hibiscus Hotel, Hanoi

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Decorative wall art.

Rooms at Hanoi’s Hibiscus Hotel come in three shapes and sizes: the front, the back and the attic. Standard rooms are spacious and reasonable value, but the attic room is the best we’ve seen for the budget price and the whole reason we are reviewing this place. Be warned though: there’s only one. Rooms at … read the full post

Jun 01 2013

Acupuncture in Saigon

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You can smile through the pain.

While everybody raves about the low prices of massages in Saigon, fewer people know that you can find great prices for other wellness treatments. Acupuncture, called cham cuu locally, is just one you can get at pennies on the dollar compared to what you’d find in the West. Here’s what to expect in HCMC. Acupuncture, … read the full post

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