Travelfish correspondent Caroline Mills

After years of camping in her back garden in the New Forest, Caroline Mills’ parents went wild and jetted her off to Morocco where her dream of becoming a traveling belly dancer was born. Somewhat wizened to the limitations involved in such a job at age 6, she sat on the idea until her 30’s when she took her dog-eared passport around Euorpe, S.E Asia and India. Finally settling in Hoi An where she traded in her belly dancing ambition (it never worked out) for the role of writer and associate editor of Live Hoi An magazine, where she passes on her passion for food, fashion and culture to the discerning traveler. A high/low end traveler, Caroline has developed an insatiable taste for exploring and become adept at hunting out new and memorable places to go. She is a treasure trove of tips and information, delivering honest, personal reviews and tales of misadventure along the way.

Posts by Caroline Mills: