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Jul 05 2013

Review: Sans Souci IV, Hanoi

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While Sans Souci IV may stretch its claims somewhat on its website — “unbeatable service combined with unparalleled accommodations” and “our rooms are the best-looking and best-equipped in the Old Quarter” made us smile — this is a solid Hanoi hotel choice in its price range, with smart, well-equipped rooms, good staff and a lively and convenient … read the full post

Jun 25 2013

Review: Green Street Hotel, Hanoi

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Green Street Hotel on Ma May Street is a good budget choice in Hanoi if you want to go a step up from a dorm room; it’s not fancy, but it does the job competently for under $20 and plops you in a good location. Green Street isn’t much to look at from the front: … read the full post

Jun 02 2013

Review: Hibiscus Hotel, Hanoi

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Decorative wall art.

Rooms at Hanoi’s Hibiscus Hotel come in three shapes and sizes: the front, the back and the attic. Standard rooms are spacious and reasonable value, but the attic room is the best we’ve seen for the budget price and the whole reason we are reviewing this place. Be warned though: there’s only one. Rooms at … read the full post

May 31 2013

Review: Especen Hotel, Hanoi

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The quiet alley outside.

Especen Hotel is in a great Hanoi location, near to St Joseph’s cathedral, the lake and heaps of shops and food spots, and offers bright and well decked out rooms at really good value. It’s a good choice for those prepared to spend a little more than backpacker rates for extra comfort and space. Rooms differ slightly depending … read the full post

May 26 2013

Review: Wild Lotus Hotel, West Lake

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Fancy a view?

Not everyone wants to stay amid the chaos of Hanoi’s Old Quarter — some prefer to stay in the chaos elsewhere in the city. If you’re looking for an alternative location then Wild Lotus Hotel, next to West Lake, is an excellent mid- to top-range option. Wild Lotus Hotel is on Xuan Dieu Street, in … read the full post

May 04 2013

Review: Rising Dragon Grand Hotel, Hanoi

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Not much character but a solid choice.

From humble beginnings has risen an empire of Old Quarter hotels: Rising Dragon now has seven hotels in Hoan Kiem District, from cheaper Rising Dragon Hotel in Hang Be Street through to the creme de la creme of the dragons, Rising Dragon Palace. Most recently, we checked out midrange Rising Dragon Grand on Hang Ga. … read the full post

Apr 20 2013

Review: Hanoi Asia Star Hotel, Hanoi

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Hanoi Asia Star Hotel, located on Hanoi’s busy Dao Duy Tu Street, is a reasonable value midrange hotel with a almost-too-good-to-be-true Halong Bay special offer. First impression on our visit was that the hotel was well staffed. The reception area was full of activity, with uniformed staff milling around at the door, behind reception and … read the full post

Apr 12 2013

Review: Hanoi Grand Hotel

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A headboard for very tall people.

With a name like “Grand” and a description on the website that reads “we have created this Hotel masterpiece and can safely assure an experience like no other” you might be expecting something special from Hanoi Grand Hotel. And that’s what you’ll get, though not in the way you might be thinking: it’s just simply … read the full post

Feb 10 2013

Review: The Artisan Boutique Hotel, Hanoi

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The lake is there, honest.

Does The Artisan Boutique Hotel in Hanoi live up to its name and art deco-style business card? First impressions don’t disappoint: the reception area is spacious and stylishly decorated — Tiffany-style lamps always go down well – and the rooms follow through. The hotel was refurbished in 2012, rather than being a new build, and … read the full post

Jan 20 2013

Review: Au Coeur d’Hanoi Hotel, Hanoi

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For after an argument.

Au Coeur — or The Heart — certainly captures the location of this new hotel on Hang Be street as it’s about as central as you can get to the Old Quarter tourist hub, but does it have one? With comfortable rooms from $40, we think so. Rooms at Au Coeur d’Hanoi Hotel are on … read the full post

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