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May 10 2013

Review: The Moon Restaurant, Hoi An

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Beautiful food, stunning location.

Moon Restaurant’s location, a few minutes’ walk outside Hoi An’s old town and river would for a regular restaurant be the kiss of death. What saves Moon is its stunning faded colonial magnificence — and the fact that it sits directly opposite one of the most visited attractions in Hoi An: Yaly Couture, one of … read the full post

May 02 2013

Hoi An night eats: Quan Tu Sang

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For late night street eats in Hoi An, Tran Cao Van Road is where it’s at. Although you will find other options on the outskirts of town, the stalls that line the street here are properly geared up for serving the late-night crowd, doing a roaring trade of both takeaway (meal in a bag) and … read the full post

Apr 23 2013

Hoi An street food: Bo sot vang

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Hoi An Chef Hung's Hoi An version of the classic Bo Sot Vang.

For every country that has tried their hand at occupying Vietnam, for all the incredible architecture left behind, the real remaining influence is of the culinary kind (save for the Americans, who left only Coca Cola). For Hoi An with its cao lau, white rose, mi quang and com ga, the predominant influence is of … read the full post

Apr 18 2013

Review: White Sail Cafe, Hoi An

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Quang Nam's finest. Mi Quang noodle.

Update June 24, 2014: The White Sail has moved to An Bang beach. The new location is fast becoming Hoi An’s most favoured beach hangout. The menu remains the same, but food quality has gone up a notch along with the prices, but it’s still good value compared with neighbouring Soul Kitchen. Along with a great … read the full post

Apr 09 2013

Negotiating Hoi An’s street food stalls

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Chasing the dream. Bahn Mi Sua at 20kms an hour.

Vietnam is a fast-food nation based around slow-cooked food. Breakfast and lunch is taken on the hoof — it’s pho to go and rice on the run until you sit down for dinner with the family at the end of the working day. Street food is king, with mobile snacking a close second. Here’s our … read the full post

Mar 22 2013

Review: Dingo Deli, Hoi An

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Home baked Aussie meat pies!

Negotiating the potholes on a bike with no suspension or brakes down the six-kilometre-long Cua Dai Road between Hoi An’s old town and beach and you’ll probably be looking out for a stop to get the blood circulating back to your buttocks at around kilometre three — which is where you’ll find the three-storey mirage … read the full post

Feb 26 2013

Review: Ca Mai/Mai Fish, Hoi An

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Impeccably presented Thit Heo - grilled pork with a side of rice and egg.

Tucked away by the river’s edge a 50-metre stroll over to the “other side” of the Japanese Bridge is Ca Mai — also known as Mai Fish — with an unashamedly small menu featuring humble, old school central and southern Vietnamese dishes at good prices. Mai Fish, run by the owner of Mango Mango on … read the full post

Jan 02 2013

Hoi An’s food

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Commoners food!

Hoi An’s reputation for being one of the most touristy towns in Vietnam might put some people off a visit; and yes, the 460 tailors all squabbling for your business as you stroll through the old town can be a little relentless, and yes, $5 a night accommodation doesn’t exist. Some of the best dining, … read the full post

Dec 26 2012

Hoi An’s central market food hall

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A little light lunch?

Hoi An’s central market food hall sits centre court in the old town, surrounded by a busy, colourful food market. This is a bustling and sociable spot to hang out with the locals and sample dish after dish of Hoi An’s best cuisine. Row upon row of sparkling stainless steel benches laden with fresh raw … read the full post

Nov 29 2012

Banh bao in Hoi An

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The full moon 'Buddhist' Bahn Bao

If like me you were once one of those neanderthals where the best nights out you ever had somehow always ended up at a kebab stall then you will thank me for this heads up on late-night food snacking in Hoi An. I’ve researched this article with perhaps a little too much enthusiasm after taking … read the full post

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