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Nov 07 2013

Hidden charges at Saigon restaurants

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Refreshing but not free.

Food in Saigon is usually a bargain; even most of the city’s “expensive” restaurants are cheap when compared to similar quality in the West. But a strange thing happens to many who visit this fair city: they can develop a sense of cheap food entitlement and start to argue over small surcharges on the bill. … read the full post

Oct 07 2013

Sushi in Saigon

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When in doubt, get everything.

Although it would be blasphemous to eat anything other than Vietnamese food on a short trip to Saigon, a longer stay may eventually require a sushi fix – as Ho Chi Minh City offers plenty of affordable, high-quality spots around town. Perhaps the most well known sushi spot in town is Sushi Bar, a chain sushi restaurant … read the full post

Sep 10 2013

Pizza in Saigon

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You get to cut the cheese.

If you’ve tired of Saigon’s street food and you’ve a hankering for some decent pizza, the city has more than just the big chains — here’s where to head. If you’re stuck in the Pham Ngu Lao backpacker area or tight on cash, basically any restaurant you walk into will have some sort of cheap pizza on … read the full post

Aug 25 2013

Review: Vietnam Inn Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City

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Backpackers are so tidy.

Vietnam Inn Saigon is among a new breed of hostels blowing in to Saigon, offering more stylish digs and traveller friendly atmospheres, and adding some much needed competition to the backpacker end of the accommodation market. While technically not in the Pham Ngu Lao backpacker area, it’s just on the opposite side of 9/23 Park on Le Lai, … read the full post

Aug 12 2013

Review: Townhouse 50, Ho Chi Minh City

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They really pack you in.

Over the past few years, hostels and guesthouses with dorm beds have been popping up around Saigon. While most are on the newer, cleaner side of the spectrum, few offer the trendy digs that one can find in the fancier hostels of Singapore and Bangkok. However, at Townhouse 50, you’ll find something that raises the … read the full post

Aug 05 2013

Saigon’s Kizciti

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With enough credits they can fly Air Mekong.

Saigon isn’t the most kid-friendly spot in world; but you can find a few parks plus one place worth checking out is entirely for kids, and it’s within walking distance from Pham Ngu Lao: District 4’s Kizciti. Kizciti is basically a miniature city for kids between the ages of three and 15, where they have the … read the full post

Jul 13 2013

Museum of Ho Chi Minh City

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Not jam packed with exhibits.

While some of Saigon’s more popular museums can draw big crowds, a few museums around town that are worth at least a quick stop seem to fall to the wayside. The Museum of Ho Chi Minh City, housed in a fine example of French colonial building prowess, is one such oft-overlooked museum. The displays inside, … read the full post

Jun 22 2013

Saigon street food: Banh canh

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Those are some thick noodles.

One favourite soup of the south, and a must try on a trip through Saigon, is banh canh — a soup that’s probably not as recognisable to the typical travellers as perhaps pho or bun bo hue. Banh canh includes a noodle that’s much thicker than what you typically find in a Vietnamese street soup. It’s about as … read the full post

Jun 09 2013

Review: Hoang Ty, Ho Chi Minh City

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Chairs with backs, unbelievable.

Saigon has a quite a few street food-style restaurants with great reputations, such as Hoang Ty, which stands out for a few dishes: banh canh in the mornings, morphing into banh trang dishes from lunch-time onwards. While the restaurant has a thick menu, featuring a version of most southern dishes, banh canh is what you should go for to … read the full post

Jun 05 2013

A few good family-style guesthouses in Saigon

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The sheets look clean.

Before the new crop of hostels in Saigon emerged, the best deals for a bed in the city were found at guesthouses. While guesthouses may no longer be the cheapest places to sleep in HCMC, they still offer some of the best bang for your lodging buck. If you value your privacy and want to stay … read the full post

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