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Jun 22 2013

Saigon street food: Banh canh

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Those are some thick noodles.

One favourite soup of the south, and a must try on a trip through Saigon, is banh canh — a soup that’s probably not as recognisable to the typical travellers as perhaps pho or bun bo hue. Banh canh includes a noodle that’s much thicker than what you typically find in a Vietnamese street soup. It’s about as … read the full post

Jun 09 2013

Review: Hoang Ty, Ho Chi Minh City

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Chairs with backs, unbelievable.

Saigon has a quite a few street food-style restaurants with great reputations, such as Hoang Ty, which stands out for a few dishes: banh canh in the mornings, morphing into banh trang dishes from lunch-time onwards. While the restaurant has a thick menu, featuring a version of most southern dishes, banh canh is what you should go for to … read the full post

May 19 2013

Saigon street food: Banh trang

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It's like an ingredient party.

While most street food in Saigon could almost be classified as fast food, where you sit down and pretty much immediately start eating, some dishes from the streets make you work a little harder: banh trang is a case in point. In the world of Saigon street food, a restaurant advertising banh trang is where you … read the full post

Jan 27 2013

Review: Banh Xeo 46a, Saigon

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And they have fancy plates!

Some of the best restaurants in Vietnam are special because they focus on just a single dish. While these spots tend to not occupy the most prestigious locations in town, searching them out is worth your time if you really love to eat well. One case in point: Banh Xeo 46a. Tucked down a tight … read the full post

Dec 29 2012

Saigon street food: Mi quang

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The soup with yellow noodles.

Walking the streets of downtown Saigon, you may notice the street food can seem to get a little repetitive. Street carts selling soup are a dime a dozen, but they mostly sell either pho, bun bo hue or hu tieu. If you’re interested in sampling something a bit more unique, you’ll have to leave the … read the full post

Nov 18 2012

Review: Com Tam Ba Ghien, Ho Chi Minh City

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So tender you can cut it with a spoon.

Hidden away down a sidestreet in Saigon’s Phu Nhuan district, Com Tam Ba Ghien is known far and wide for their specialty com tam suon, or a pork chop served over broken rice. About a 20-minute taxi ride out of downtown, eating at this street spot will require you to overlook some grungy conditions, with … read the full post

Aug 15 2012

Saigon’s best street soups

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Seriously, that's crab meat.

Saigon has no shortage of street food but the city’s selections of soups are where you will find some particularly impressive dishes. Here are a few soups that you should give a try while trawling the streets of the city. The most famous of Saigon’s street soups is easily pho, and the vendors on the … read the full post

Jun 19 2012

Saigon street food: Pho

A trip to Saigon, or Vietnam for that matter, isn’t complete until you sit down for a bowl of the famous pho. Although plenty of restaurants in Saigon serve pho, you may find the best bowl right on the side of the street. Pho may seem like a simple dish of rice noodles and meat, … read the full post

May 25 2012

Saigon street food: Goi cuon

One of my favourite street foods is the Vietnamese appetiser or snack, goi cuon. Whenever I find myself on the street, looking for a quick bite to eat, I seek out what I think is one of Vietnam’s must-try foods. Like its name suggests, goi cuon, also known as summer rolls, is from the same … read the full post

May 16 2012

Saigon street food: chao

On the streets of Saigon you won’t have to look far to find someone selling food from a cart. From noodle dishes to sandwiches, you can find almost anything but you may find that soups dominate the landscape of HCMC’s street food. This might not be much of a surprise since pho is the most … read the full post

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