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Feb 09 2013

Review: Co Ngu, Ho Chi Minh City

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The rice is on the side.

Rice is a Vietnamese staple but many restaurants in HCMC don’t really give it the attention it deserves, serving tired rice dishes seemingly as an afterthought. Although many carts on the street sell rice dishes, and some cheap Vietnamese restaurants focus on a single rice dish, it can be hard to find a restaurant that … read the full post

Feb 04 2013

Review: Liberty 4 Hotel, Ho Chi Minh City

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A view from the kind of top.

One of the bigger buildings in Saigon’s backpacker district of Pham Ngu Lao, the Liberty 4 Hotel is among a small group of midrange accommodation options in an area dominated by smaller guesthouses and hostels. Compared to its neighbours, the extra wide, cream-coloured hotel has well-dressed doormen ready to grab your luggage as soon as … read the full post

Feb 02 2013

Cheap Vietnamese restaurants in Saigon

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Finding cheap eats in Saigon is a very easy task, given some of the best food you may ever eat is served right on the street. Not everyone however is eager to dive into street cuisine and while you can find Vietnamese restaurants worth a splurge, many more affordable proper restaurants can be tourist traps. … read the full post

Jan 30 2013

Getting your motorbike licence in Vietnam

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Be wary of unlicensed road users.

Map – check, pimped up Honda Cub – check, Hello Kitty helmet with ponytail hole – check, drivers license… So you’re going to cruise the coast from Saigon to Hanoi, hoof it up the Ho Chi Minh Trail or challenge your road skills on the city streets. You’ve splashed out on the right insurance, but … read the full post

Jan 27 2013

Review: Banh Xeo 46a, Saigon

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And they have fancy plates!

Some of the best restaurants in Vietnam are special because they focus on just a single dish. While these spots tend to not occupy the most prestigious locations in town, searching them out is worth your time if you really love to eat well. One case in point: Banh Xeo 46a. Tucked down a tight … read the full post

Jan 21 2013

Saigon for museum-goers

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This is where the Thunderbirds could live.

HCMC has a fair share of museums giving the city’s, and the Vietnamese government’s, side of its historical story. Here are a handful of museums you’ll find around town which are worth a visit. A little outside of downtown, on the edges of District 3, the War Remnants Museum is probably the most popular of … read the full post

Jan 19 2013

Ho Chi Minh Museum, Ho Chi Minh City

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Hopefully Ho Chi Minh was a fan of the colour salmon.

Ho Chi Minh, affectionately referred to as Uncle Ho, spent his life fighting for Vietnamese independence and, for this, he is still the country’s most celebrated figure. His images are found nearly everywhere — on signs, in schools, on money and of course it’s the official name of the commercial capital, Ho Chi Minh City … read the full post

Jan 12 2013

Review: Pho Nho, Ho Chi Minh City

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I order heavy on the noodles.

Finding a bowl of pho in Saigon is by no means a hard task but sooner or later all the restaurants, stalls and bowls start to blend together. Pho Nho is a unique spot that stands out among the rest and is the place to go in Ho Chi Minh City for Hanoi-style pho. From … read the full post

Jan 07 2013

Review: Seventy Hotel, Ho Chi Minh City

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At least it's not easy to roll off the bed.

In the middle of Saigon’s backpacker area of Pham Ngu Lao, on the busy street of Bui Vien, Seventy Hotel — sometimes referred to as Phan Lan Hotel — has a much desired location for travellers looking to move about the city. Although it doesn’t have the biggest rooms on the block, the hotel is … read the full post

Dec 29 2012

Saigon street food: Mi quang

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The soup with yellow noodles.

Walking the streets of downtown Saigon, you may notice the street food can seem to get a little repetitive. Street carts selling soup are a dime a dozen, but they mostly sell either pho, bun bo hue or hu tieu. If you’re interested in sampling something a bit more unique, you’ll have to leave the … read the full post

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