May 08 2013

Tourist etiquette in Hoi An

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The naturally camera shy local fishermen.

Getting to grips with the right or wrong way to go about things in any country is always a minefield of ever-changing goal posts. In Vietnam, luckily the people are largely very forgiving of our faux pas and a little bit of common sense and humility goes a long way in bridging the gap between … read the full post

May 07 2013

Review: Al Fresco’s, Ho Chi Minh City

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Your fingers are going to get messy.

Even though you may be surrounded by a load of delicious local food in Saigon, sometimes you just want a pizza or hamburger; if that’s the case, it might be time to find the nearest Al Fresco’s. As the name might suggest, the menu at Al Fresco’s offers plenty of Italian food, particularly pastas and … read the full post

May 04 2013

Review: Rising Dragon Grand Hotel, Hanoi

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Not much character but a solid choice.

From humble beginnings has risen an empire of Old Quarter hotels: Rising Dragon now has seven hotels in Hoan Kiem District, from cheaper Rising Dragon Hotel in Hang Be Street through to the creme de la creme of the dragons, Rising Dragon Palace. Most recently, we checked out midrange Rising Dragon Grand on Hang Ga. … read the full post

May 02 2013

Hoi An night eats: Quan Tu Sang

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For late night street eats in Hoi An, Tran Cao Van Road is where it’s at. Although you will find other options on the outskirts of town, the stalls that line the street here are properly geared up for serving the late-night crowd, doing a roaring trade of both takeaway (meal in a bag) and … read the full post

May 01 2013

Review: Son Tra Resort, Hoi An

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Don't forget your snorkel!.

At first glance the topsy turvy two-storey villas of Son Tra Resort outside Da Nang evoke suggestions of a rather odd gated development. The giant villas just look uncomfortable in their surroundings — it’s almost as if the architect was misinformed of the setting and given a massive budget along with the instructions to ‘go … read the full post

Apr 30 2013

Custom-made shoes in Saigon

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Not sure if I could pull these off.

Finding shoes that fit a Westerners feet in Saigon can be a tough proposition. We’ve covered shopping for shoes in Vietnams’ commercial capital, mentioning some spots where you can find bigger shoes, but the town also has cobblers who can make you a shiny new pair of tailor-made shoes. These cobbler shops will make a … read the full post

Apr 29 2013

Review: The new Quan An Ngon, Hanoi

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Tofu and tomato - a failsafe option.

Quan An Ngon restaurant, on Phan Boi Chau Street, has long been a favourite of visitors to Hanoi. It provides a clean and reasonably comfortable setting in which to sample a range of Vietnamese street food dishes, but it’s often overflowing with customers, necessitating a wait for a table and a crowded and noisy environment. … read the full post

Apr 28 2013

Saigon parks: part 2

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Pull my finger.

Though Saigon’s streets can feel grey and congested, scattered throughout the city are green spaces worth seeking out. We’ve highlight some parks around HCMC before, but really barely scratched the surface of what there is to find. If you’re looking for some green places to relax, here are a few more to choose from. Following … read the full post

Apr 27 2013

Photo essay: Wet market tour, Hanoi

Food can be semi-prepared for you.

Despite the growth of supermarkets, wet markets and street markets still play a pivotal role in the supply of groceries to Vietnamese households. Many people, primarily women, visit the market twice a day, working trips around school drop-offs and, for many, their paying jobs. Street market to us — and this may not be everyone’s … read the full post

Apr 25 2013

Luong Duong springs, Da Nang

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One of the lesser known natural wonders around Da Nang and an easy road trip from Hoi An is Luong Duong Springs, also known as Turtle Springs, a jungle-clad, natural waterfall surrounded by emerald spring pools. For nature lovers and families, Luong Duong Springs is worthy of a visit if you were to incorporate it … read the full post

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