Apr 23 2013

Hoi An street food: Bo sot vang

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Hoi An Chef Hung's Hoi An version of the classic Bo Sot Vang.

For every country that has tried their hand at occupying Vietnam, for all the incredible architecture left behind, the real remaining influence is of the culinary kind (save for the Americans, who left only Coca Cola). For Hoi An with its cao lau, white rose, mi quang and com ga, the predominant influence is of … read the full post

Apr 22 2013

Review: Scott and Binh’s, Ho Chi Minh City

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I don't get brunch often but when I do, I go here.

While you won’t struggle to find delicious, Vietnamese food every which way you turn in HCMC, a prolonged trip on the road can make you miss a solid, home-cooked meal. If you have a craving for Western cuisine, take a trip out of District 1 to Scott and Binh’s in District 7. Sharing the streetfront … read the full post

Apr 21 2013

Review: The Hanoi Social Club, Hanoi

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We're assuming the chalkboard will change now it's 30C again.

With a relaxed vibe, eclectic decor and wholesome food, The Hanoi Social Club has etched out a unique positioning for itself and is a perfect spot for a tasty lunch, naughty afternoon cake or chill-out with a beer. When a new place opens in Hanoi we give it a while to settle down and to … read the full post

Apr 20 2013

Review: Hanoi Asia Star Hotel, Hanoi

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Hanoi Asia Star Hotel, located on Hanoi’s busy Dao Duy Tu Street, is a reasonable value midrange hotel with a almost-too-good-to-be-true Halong Bay special offer. First impression on our visit was that the hotel was well staffed. The reception area was full of activity, with uniformed staff milling around at the door, behind reception and … read the full post

Apr 18 2013

Review: White Sail Cafe, Hoi An

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Quang Nam's finest. Mi Quang noodle.

Sitting under a tangle of evergreen climbers, directly opposite a huge banyan tree on the busy street food area of Tran Cao Van Street  — take a left at the Tech Com bank on the corner of Tran Hung Dao — you’ll find Hoi An’s pretty White Sail Seafood Restaurant, serving up consistently good Vietnamese … read the full post

Apr 17 2013

Quan Am, the bodhisattva of compassion, in Vietnam

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Some stars never fade.

Anyone who spends more than a few hours in Vietnam will notice the many white statues of a divine woman usually holding an upside down vase. It’s not some feminine looking Buddha or an “Asian Virgin Mary” — it’s Quan Am (aka Kuan Yin, Kuan Shih Yin, Guanyin or Kannon), the bodhisattva of compassion. In … read the full post

Apr 16 2013

Review: Hoa Su Villa Resort, Hoi An

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The neighbours..

If you don’t mind the slightly out of the way location, Hoa Su, a five-villa resort located next to the river on Cam Thanh, makes for a serene, top-range retreat away from the madding Hoi An crowds. The man behind Hoa Su was involved in the building of Vietnam’s most exclusive resort, the Nam Hai. … read the full post

Apr 15 2013

Visa on arrival at Saigon, Vietnam

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This is the shortest I've ever seen the line.

Compared to other Southeast Asian countries, getting into Vietnam is slightly more difficult, requiring most foreign travellers to apply for a visa weeks before visiting. Instead of visiting their nearest Vietnamese embassy, many fliers opt for Vietnam’s visa on arrival. However, the visa on arrival process at Saigon’s Tan Son Nhat can be confusing, especially … read the full post

Apr 15 2013

Hanoi’s 36 streets: Hang Quat

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Almost as colourful as Hang Ma.

Hang Quat is one of the most colourful streets in Old Quarter and its time for coverage in our 36 streets series has now finally come. Quat means fans, and that is of course what was traditionally made on this street, be they from bamboo, paper or palm leaves. Villagers set up shop in the … read the full post

Apr 14 2013

Asia food tours: Food on Foot

Ours came in a bowl but these are prettier.

For my final street food tour adventure I opted for a budget-priced tour, joining a lunchtime trip with Food on Foot, operated by Vietnam Awesome Travel, with a great guide and plenty of stops. Usually pick-up is at your hotel, but given I haven’t lived in a hotel since first arriving in Hanoi three years … read the full post

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