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Insane iPhone bills

  • somtam2000

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    If you're travelling with an iPhone and plan to use it while travelling in Asia, be very very wary of the roaming charges you may be picking up along the way.

    Guests staying with us for two weeks recently returned home to a telephone bill in excess of A$4,100 -- for a phone that had not had a single call made on it.

    The culprit is "data roaming" and what you need to do is switch that off and only use the data functions (web surfing, emails etc) via WiFi (which, in most cases will cost you nothing).

    Contact your telecoms provider for more info.

    #1 Posted: 3/8/2009 - 11:56

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  • keatonec

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    All i can say to that is wholly crap!!! Thats why I am taking my sim card out and using mine as an itouch.

    #2 Posted: 12/6/2010 - 12:06

  • SBE

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    My son has just proudly shown me his new shiny 3G phone (a Samsung Wave S8500) that he got from his provider yesterday for the piddling sum of about about 10 euros. Very nice, looks just like an iphone (to me anyway)

    Great deal huh? Maybe, but I don't think they'd give away expensive phones like that unless they were expecting to make it worth their while.

    I remembered reading this thread about the horrendous phone bills Somtam’s friends had run up. So I did a bit of online research just now. I’ve just read about the case of someone receiving a monthly phone bill of 159, 000 euros and it was nothing to do with roaming charges. The user didn’t have a DSL connection at his weekend cottage so he’d subscribed to an “unlimited” internet package for his 3G phone instead.

    Why the huge bill? Because the package was unlimited in terms of time not data. He’d had quite an expensive contract (about 3 times the cost of DSL per month) and had assumed that it gave him and his two teenage kids unlimited access to the internet. His free monthly allowance was limited 1 Go, after that he was getting charged extortionate fees.

    I don’t particularly want to lose my house helping my son to pay off his phone bill so I dug around trying to find out how much data allowance my his contract gives him. He’s got a package called orgami star with Orange. It too gives him unlimited SMSs and unlimited internet 24/7 and he also gets one “advantage” from a list of music, movies TV etc. (He picked TV)

    In the (very) small print it says Orange can limit the debit to 500Mo/month including the advantage. (Not sure what the word "can" is doing there...either they do limit it or they don't)

    Can someone tell me what 500Mo represents in real money please? How many TF apps would you get for 500Mo? How much TV for 500Mo?

    It also says in the small print that email use (SMTP, POP, IMAP), and modem use is not included in the offer. What do they mean modem use isn’t included?? What do these phones use to access the internet then??? It says only wifi services provided by Orange are free.

    The “special tarification” for services like emails and modem use is not displayed on the website …you have to download a pdf file to see what these services will cost you … I just looked but the files contain pages and pages print so small I can hardly read it so I haven't waded through it. (Told son he should though)

    They say Voice Over IP, Peer to Peer and Newsgroups are forbidden. What does that that mean? Is he forbidden to use his shiny new 3G phone for Skype, Twitter and Facebook ??

    #3 Posted: 6/7/2010 - 21:33

  • Flashbaxx

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    I've gained a great deal of information from these forums over the last few weeks (I'm off on my first trip 'round Asia at the end of July), so I thought it was time I put something back.

    Orange's T&C's employ what's known as a "fair use" policy. It basically means that, while they advertise data as being "unlimited", there is typically a point where they'll start to get annoyed. Some companies slow down your speed (typically this is used from home Internet connections), while others will cut you off completely (most mobile operators do this).

    500MB is quite a lot. TF apps are anywhere from around 20MB to 40-50MB, so you'd comfortably get 10 apps.

    TV streaming is a killer. It uses a great deal of data, so be wary of that.

    Modem use relates to hooking up your laptop to the phone, and then connecting to the Internet through the mobile. Yes the phone has its own modem, which is why "modem use" can be confusing, but that's what it relates to.

    P2P and Newsgroups are typically used for downloading media (BitTorrent, LimeWire, Napster, are all examples). Facebook/Twitter should be considered as "normal" websites for this purpose, ie. you can use them no problem.

    Skype is VoIP, so you'll have to see what they say about that. I've found Skype works better over Wifi than over 3G anyway.

    Hope that helps!

    #4 Posted: 13/7/2010 - 19:49

  • SBE

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    Yes it does help... a lot! Many thanks Falshbaxx!

    #5 Posted: 21/7/2010 - 17:49

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