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Avoid The Real Kangaroo Cafe Halong Bay Tours

  • Loulou96

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    28th May, 2013
    Posts: 1

    Posted from within Vietnam.

    Just had a terrible experience with The Real Kangaroo Cafe, Hanoi.

    In a nutshell, poor quality boat, poor itinerary, bad guides and when we complained (as the itinerary asked us to) we were told by the owner he is a member of the 1%er motorbike gang and would have people waiting for us when we got back from the tour to hurt us (his exact words were more obscene!). When we did get back we were faced with an irate and irrational owner talking over us with a video camera in our faces.

    Please don't trust the promises on their website and shop around when looking for a Halong Bay Tour.

    Here is our review that we have sent to trip advisor with more info:

    Having done substantial research about boat tours in Halong Bay we were swayed by the information on The Real Kangaroo Cafe website that promised they are the only owner run boats in the bay which are "first class all the way" and their customer service is so good that "We want you to have a great time with us so please try to let your guide know immediately if there's anything you're not happy with (beer's not cold, coffees not hot etc)".

    Unfortunately for us upon arriving on the boat we discovered that it was not in any way associated with The Real Kangaroo Cafe (there was not so much as a branded beer mat on the boat) and was actually a Hoa Binh Tourism Boat. We seemed to be the only boat in the bay that did not actually have a company name attached to it. We were moored up to the lovely three star boat also owned by Hoa Binh Tourism, that is shown on the walls of the cafe and were actually on a boat with no classification, this was the start of a very disappointing and upsetting experience. The boat that we were on had a sun deck full of broken wooden sun loungers with just three mattresses to share. The neighbouring boat and the boat advertised in the cafe has stunning wicker curved loungers and the rooms had lovely white linen on the beds.

    The Cafe runs two tours to Halong bay, 2 day 1 night and 3 day2 night, both with very different itineries which we were all given a copy of when we paid for the tour. It seemed odd to us that we were advised that both tours would be on the same boat. Seemingly a money saving opportunity forKangaroo Cafe to avoid sending out two boats with only 4 and 5 people on each. If Max was honest about this and created an itinerary to enable this tour to work it would not be a problem. As it was nobody had any idea what we were doing, the guides Frank and Kong were very unclear with their directions to us as to what we were doing and this just lead to disappointment after disappointment for everyone on the group. Frank had very little interaction with the group which we assumed was due to his poor English and whilst Kong made more effort we were still all confused.

    We found it highly unusual that when we arrived on the boat we did not receive any safety briefing, also the escape plan in our cabin related to a completely different boat. Kong told us to give our cash to the captain as there have been thefts on the boat, this seemed odd given that the boat,crew and guides were meant to be staff of The Real Kangaroo Cafe.

    There are 3 activities on the tour which are meant to be spread over 2 days but by putting the groups together these were fitted into a2 hour slot on the first day, the touring on day 1 started at 4pm, first we went to The "Amazing" cave, then kayaking and then the beach. We were all rushed through the cave with limited opportunities to stop for photos. One member of the group did not even have his shoes on as we were rushed off of the boat so quickly. Then we were told we were going kayaking, not one person was prepared for this and had waterproof cameras or appropriate clothing on. Idid not take part in the kayaking but this was a disappointment with lack of direction and left the people who had kayaked tired and floating around the beach being shouted at by ticket collectors on the beach and the passing tenders not knowing what was going on. We arrived on the beach at 5:30pm, not only had Kong not given us our tickets we were then told that the beach had shut at 5:30pm. Surely the guides know the opening times?!

    We returned to the boat at around 6pm hot and frustrated and agreed that a swim off the boat would make us feel a little better. This is where we were advised that it is now illegal to jump off the boat or to even swim in the bay. The Kangaroo cafe website clearly has photos of people jumping and swimming off of the boat and our itinerary states "the captain will drop anchor and then you can go swimming in one of our secluded coves". The guides told us the itinerary was a number of years out of date.

    The boat that we were put on had 2 significantly superior rooms with balconies overlooking the back of the boat and shower cubicles, the rooms below deck are darker, smaller and have just wet rooms for bathrooms. The quality of the rooms was average and we had two single beds pushed together. If there was an opportunity to pay for a superior room we would have taken it, sadly it is pot luck as to who the guides choose to give them to. The diagram of the boat shows the superior rooms very clearly on the top deck. The duvet on the bed had no cover or sheet,when we were leaving the boat the same duvets had been straightened and the beds made so it was obvious these are not washed for each new guest arriving.

    We asked the guides to assist us in contacting the cafe to advise that we as a group were all disappointed with the tour. The itinerary states "Also you can ring us in Ha Noi too. You can contact us from 7.30 AM till 9.30 PM every day as all our guides have mobile phones that you can use. We really do want to help but will consider it most unfair of you if you won't bother to contact us & wait until you get back to Ha Noi to tell us". We asked the guides for 2 hours for them to contact the cafe for us, they were obstructive and refused to assist us in making a phone call despite both guides being on the phone none stop themselves.

    Eventually we were given a phone to speak to Max and received nothing but a barrage of abuse and threats, advising us that he was "a member of the 1%ers motorbike gang, and would have a group waiting to meet us to hurt us and that was a guarantee not a threat". We were barely able to get a word in edgeways over his rant and felt threatened and uncomfortable on the boat with the staff behaving very oddly. The guides began to take photos of each person in the group which made us feel very uncomfortable and inflamed the situation more. Later in the evening our guideFrank went missing and Kong actually asked us and a number of the crew if they knew where he was.

    In order to enjoy a stop at the beach it was agreed that we would go at 7:30am when the beach opened and if we were not on deck they would assume that we did not want to go. I went to the beach and my husband decided not to but Frank our guide knocked and entered our room and woke him up regardless.

    We tried to maintain a good relationship with the guides but it was very apparent that they did not have any regard for us and indeed where happy to tell us the truth about the boats not being owned by the Cafe and Kong advised he was a freelance guide who had been on this tour once in the last month, but backtracked when in front of Max and accused us of bullying them. It is difficult to say whether the guides were being two faced or if they are afraid of the consequences with Max if they were to take the guests side.

    We were due to stay on Cat Ba island for our second night and decided to cut our tour short as we felt so uncomfortable with our guides and had no desire to experience any more of the "first class service" offered by The Real Kangaroo Cafe.

    We sent Max an email with our concerns and asked for his response which he did not respond to and again sent a follow up email which he chose to ignore.

    Upon our arrival at that Cafe we were met by Max who had a video camera in our faces and despite being in the middle of his cafe with paying customers eating their dinner he grilled us and ranted at us picking out insignificant details that his guides had reported back to him and ignored everything we had asked him to clarify. He was threatening, rude, offensive and I personally left the cafe shaking and crying from the confrontational situation that Max had orchestrated.

    Max claimed that the two people who had stayed on the tour had spoken to him and advised that we had ruined the tour and they were glad to see the back of us, but in the next breath advised us that we had ruined the tour for them by pulling out of the second day?!

    I am fully aware that Max will do his upmost to deny this review is real and will claim that we were trouble makers looking to ruin the tour. Having paid between $95 and $145 per person we were not looking to have an experience that left us being video recorded and threatened by an irate and irrational owner. Why any company would try to imitate the Kangaroo Cafe is beyond me, I only wish that I had been misled and booked with an imitator as I have no doubt that the experience would have been more pleasant.

    We were accused of complaining in order to get a refund, but at no time did we ever request this, all we wanted was an apology for the two tours being thrown together with no workable itinerary and for the guides andMax to realise that the tour had fallen far short of what was promised. Max seems so intent on ensuring that he never parts with a single dollar that he cannot take on board any criticism when it is constructive or otherwise.

    Please take heed of this review and look at some of the other reputable companies to avoid losing as much money as we did and having to receive a barrage of abuse from Max Hart.

    #1 Posted: 28/5/2013 - 23:35

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  • kangaroocafe

    Joined Travelfish
    21st January, 2014
    Posts: 4

    Posted from within Vietnam.

    I dispute this entirely & on my web site you can see an accurate film of these people.

    You might be surprised at what you see.

    #2 Posted: 21/1/2014 - 02:03

  • kangaroocafe

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    21st January, 2014
    Posts: 4

    Posted from within Vietnam.

    A rather long winded tale indeed.

    Have a look here to see what really happened !


    #3 Posted: 21/1/2014 - 04:49

  • LeonardCohe-

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    24th July, 2012
    Posts: 2148
    Total reviews: 11

    No kangaroos in vietnam. Name sounds dodgy.

    #4 Posted: 21/1/2014 - 07:38

  • kangaroocafe

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    21st January, 2014
    Posts: 4

    Posted from within Vietnam.

    Please check my profile & you'll see I & my company are anything but dodgy.

    My info is all available on here, my web sites, facebook & youtube.

    This poster tried to scam me & all the evidence anyone needs is to watch the nasty, bully boy activity of Lou, Tony & their motley crew in my shop.

    How 1 person can gang on the 7 of them is a stretch but the money bit is clear when terrifying Tony the Kung Fu champ asks in no uncertain terms for some.

    This posters performance isn't nice & you'll see just that in the film.

    As for the made up story about the boat, you can see on our youtube chanel that I went on the same boat (I made sure you can see the rego number clearly) the next day & the fact that I offered them a chance to go with me & that they refused is testimony to this lurk of theirs.

    That there was NO TELEPHONE CONFERENCE call is on a Trip Advisor post from the 2 girls from Hong Kong who were on the same trip.

    Interestingly is that just recently the BBC (fast track) came to my shop & featured us on their show & that's after they had time to go through all this nonsense which of course they did too.

    They're hardly mugs at the BBC & completely ignored this & all the other anonymous postings from Tony, Lou & the other people looking for a quick quid in this "story".

    The whole bikie gang, mafia, tattooed midgets on camels about to kill them .....

    Nothing happened at all & as far as leaving in tears, just watch Lou at the end of the movie to see what kind of tale this bit is too.

    All up this is a put up job with the "author" trying to bore everyone senseless !

    The main man in this caper is Tony & I'm sure you'll love the "war of the travel writers" quote of his in the film too.

    #5 Posted: 21/1/2014 - 12:29

  • LeonardCohe-

    Joined Travelfish
    24th July, 2012
    Posts: 2148
    Total reviews: 11

    Cant find much on the website. Just a boat floating along.

    The negative review sounds legit to me.

    #6 Posted: 21/1/2014 - 21:37

  • nathuy

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    24th January, 2014
    Posts: 28

    Posted from within Vietnam.

    thank for sharing, experiences. i think the owner cheaped you

    #7 Posted: 24/1/2014 - 19:52

  • EmilV

    Joined Travelfish
    4th February, 2014
    Posts: 1

    Thank you for the extensive feedback. I was going to book the trip but now I am looking for the alternative companies.
    Can anyone recommend a companies please! Don't want to get killed by 1%er motorbike gang. :)
    Thank you!

    #8 Posted: 4/2/2014 - 22:08

  • swag

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    28th March, 2007
    Location Australia
    Posts: 330
    Total reviews: 6

    Just thought I'd add my two cents worth. Two years ago my wife and went on 3 day 2 night halong bay cruise with the Real Kangaroo Cafe. We had no problems what so ever the food was good beer was cold beds were clean none of the bull**** I have just read. Upon arriving back in Hanoi thanked Max and tipped the guide and off we went. My only complaint was the water feels a little oily in Halong Bay but that's nature of over tourism. Just a different side of the story.



    #9 Posted: 5/2/2014 - 22:46

  • kangaroocafe

    Joined Travelfish
    21st January, 2014
    Posts: 4

    On the film taken in the cafe & it's easy to see that this whole thing was about money, that's all.

    The exaggerated & at other times, completely inncorrect version of this posters account can easily be seen.

    Here's a few examples ..

    * Eventually we were given a phone to speak to Max and received nothing but a barrage of abuse and threats etc

    There was no conference call & if there ever was they'd have produced it. 2 of the other members of this group posted honestly about the phone call on the TA site & concur with me in that I spoke with Lou Lou's partner for less than 5 mins & it was in the afternoon too.

    * We sent Max an email with our concerns and asked for his response which he did not respond to and again sent a follow up email which he chose to ignore.

    NO, "They" didn't send me an email, Tony did & wrote, without permission on behalf of the other couple these guys really don't like to talk about.

    This is the couple that did the whole tour & came back with no complaints except about Lou Lou& the others blatant attempt to stitch me up.

    * He was threatening, rude, offensive and I personally left the cafe shaking and crying from the confrontational situation that Max had orchestrated.

    This bit is again,completely untrue & the film show the poster laughing all the way through, up to & including when she left.

    It's the Nth Newcastle Accented/alleged travel writer making the threats too,not me at all.

    The poster is actually hurt & angry about themselves & letting the other bloke gee them up like this.

    Read the comments posted by random people about this group at the bottom of the film.
    They're hardly complimentary & they're not from me either.

    Unlike Lou Lou& her like, I only ever post using my real details &contact details too, just in case any Kung Fu experts like the Travel bloke want to make good their threats.

    That they let their "legend in his own lunch time" mate talk them into leaving the tour,waste their money & look & feel foolish is not my fault.

    Last but not least, the whole Bikie gangs in Viet Nam ???

    Where did they get that from I ask.

    Do a search on that & I guarantee you won't find any 1% Bikie gangs in HaNoi.

    As far as the posters above who say;

    They think this poster is being honest ???

    The internet has hundreds of posts about people like this trying get money,hotels &/or food from people like me & using this kind of post as a tool.

    Look at the posts about my company from all over the world & have a look at the mobs I deal with.

    The BBC, Rough Guide etc.

    By the way, the BBC & Rough Guide people are all available for contact too,unlike the anonymous Lou Lou.

    #10 Posted: 11/2/2014 - 02:03

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  • LeonardCohe-

    Joined Travelfish
    24th July, 2012
    Posts: 2148
    Total reviews: 11

    Very dodgy. The guy holding the camera keeps crapping on about some email. People complaining are calm.

    Avoid this company for sure.

    #11 Posted: 11/2/2014 - 03:33

  • stefmo18

    Joined Travelfish
    27th June, 2014
    Posts: 1

    Well I am beginning to see a pattern with this Max...
    I really wish I was able to rate the quality of the "Real" Kangaroo Café tour of Ha Long Bay , but seeing as Max Hart has banned me from the Kangaroo Café, I guess I wont be using their services. Here is the email correspondence that I have had with him recently. Now, I fully admit that the way I asked if he had read my email might have come across as a bit salty, but his response was extremely unprofessional and uncalled for. There are so many tour groups in this area that offer the exact same tour, I really hope that visitors do their research and stay away from this guy. He is bad news. I cant believe he actually told me "You're dismissed!" Seriously, who does that?
    ---- Original Message

    From: Stephanie
    To: kangaroo@kangaroocafe.com
    Sent: Tuesday, June 24, 2014 10:34 PM
    Subject: Travel from Hanoi to Ha Long Bay
    We will be traveling to Vietnam in July 2014. We will be landing in Hanoi on July 21. On July 22, we are hoping to make a day trip to Ha Long Bay, and then we fly from Hanoi to Da Nang on July 23. From our research, we have found that basically the only way to get from Hanoi to Ha Long Bay is to take a 4 hour bus trip each way. We also saw that the bus stops in little "village" where everyone can get out and go shopping. Because our time here is limited, we are looking for a way that gets us to Ha Long Bay much faster. Can you tell me if there is a way to avoid this long bus trip? If we were to hire a driver would they take us on the faster direct route to get to Ha Long Bay, rather than the back roads that the bus seems to take? Any advice is much appreciated.
    Thank you,
    On Jun 25, 2014, at 10:57 PM, "KC - KRG" wrote:
    Dear Stephanie,
    Thanks for your email. Please find attached the copy of our 1 day private Ha Long Bay tour leaving every day.
    It takes about 4 hours to Ha Long but we will stop break in a half way about 30 mins.
    If you have any question, please feel free to contact us.
    Kind regards,
    From: Stephanie
    To: KC - KRG
    Sent: Thursday, June 26, 2014 10:22 AM
    Subject: Re: Travel from Hanoi to Ha Long Bay

    Did you read my email at all? I asked if there was a way to get to Ha Long Bay without taking a four hour trip with the 30 minute break. Every tour company in Vietnam offers this same exact trip and I am not interested in it. I am assuming from your response that you are unable to help me.

    On Jun 27, 2014, at 7:15 AM, "KC - KRG" wrote:

    I can't believe you wrote "Did you read my email at all ?" & then asked for our help !!!
    We aren't willing to do business with you.
    Please don't contact us again.

    Max Hart
    Owner of the Kangaroo Café
    From: Stephanie
    To: KC - KRG
    Sent: Friday, June 27, 2014 6:35 PM
    Subject: Re: Travel from Hanoi to Ha Long Bay
    I believe that asking if my email was read was a perfectly legitimate question, seeing as how nothing that was asked in my original email was responded to and it looks like I received the "standard" answer for someone inquiring into the tour.
    Additionally, I did not ask if my email was read and then ask for your help. I actually stated that I believed you are unable to help me. Your statement actually makes me wonder if you read my email.
    I think the fact that I email your company asking a specific question and when that question is not addressed at all which makes me inquire as to whether my email is read is a completely legitimate question. If you were to email someone asking what time the two of you were supposed to meet for lunch and he responded that it might rain today, are you telling me that this would be an acceptable response to you?
    To write someone off so quickly can't be a good business decision. I emailed you looking for advice and now am "banned" from your company? I find this quite hilarious. But seeing how your company is unable to answer my simple question, it seems like your company's services are not what I am looking for anyways. Besides, these companies are a dime a dozen in Vietnam.... Best of luck in all your questionable business practices.
    From: KC - KRG
    To: Stephanie
    Sent: Friday, June 27, 2014 7:49 AM
    Subject: Re: Travel from Hanoi to Ha Long Bay
    You're dismissed !

    #12 Posted: 27/6/2014 - 08:57

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