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Destinations: Southeast Asia

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Sultans and sunshine
Brunei: An introduction
By vungtaurental on 9 Jul 2014
55 13
From the Mergui Archipelago to Mandalay
looking for travel buddy from july 27th
By Pkoek on 23 Jul 2014
354 1345
say Kompong Chhnang three times quickly.
Travelling around Cambodia
By redpirate427 on 15 Jul 2014
1824 7557
17,000 islands -- now that really is a lot of sand.
Travel from Jakarta or Bali to sorong
By Felicity1234 on 22 Jul 2014
605 2038
lan chang - how many elephants is that?
Northern Thailand to Laos - advice much appreciated
By Poohh on 18 Jul 2014
1778 9206
From Melaka to Miri
Malaysia in November (beaches?)
By parfois on 22 Jul 2014
525 1653
From Boracay to balut, and 7,000 islands to boot!
Fun things to do at night in Boracay
By marina91 on 23 Jul 2014
187 842
it's all here lah.
3 Days in Singapore - Must see attractions?
By exacto on 17 Jul 2014
210 519
Southeast Asia
regional chit chat.
Why Thailand is Still the Best Southeast Asia Destination
By MADMAC on 24 Jul 2014
1538 6545
Rhymes with bester ... sort of
Anyone ever been here?
By voguedress on 19 Jun 2014
14 4
from Singha to Samui.
How to get to Ko Tao
By charlottex on 24 Jul 2014
6365 30719
how long in Ha Long?
Stay with local people in the north vietnam
By riderman74 on 23 Jul 2014
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Visas and border crossings
visa and border crossings only please.
Thailand Tourist Visa Exemption - Proof Of Onward Travel
By Captain_Bob on 7 Jul 2014
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Trip reports
share your experiences.
last week transportation services
By ramelblue on 16 Jul 2014
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  Travel videos
A video says more than a thousand words.
New Film section on Travelfish
By maccandee on 20 Jul 2014
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Destinations: East Asia

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It's rather large
The Most Beautiful Village of China
By Elisabell on 20 Jul 2014
102 99
Hong Kong
Harbour to heights
How expensive is Hong Kong?
By martinpolaschek on 20 Jul 2014
37 2
Sushi to snow
Do you need help on Travel in Japan?
By besttravelever on 6 Jul 2014
40 41
Try your luck
By KristyC on 16 Mar 2014
12 -2
Have a yak
Information source for independent travel/living/working in Mongolia
By mantuunbuuz on 28 Jan 2014
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North Korea
The Hermit Kingdom
If I were gonna do a tour in North Korea...
By MADMAC on 27 Nov 2013
18 27
South Korea
Travel not teaching
Need advise for a ten day trip around Korea
By Terry001 on 28 Apr 2014
12 3
Just eat it!
Best place to visit in Taiwan
By Naomi87 on 1 Jul 2014
11 1
It's a country - not an autonomous region
By frere on 19 Jul 2013
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Destinations: South Asia

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150 million people can't be wrong
Beautiful Bangladesh
By Barisal_Ontu on 1 Jun 2014
14 6
Come get happy!
8 -3
Raj to Rishikesh
Tour to Goa
By gracianocottage on 24 Jul 2014
108 87
See it before it sinks
7 -4
Because it's there
Nepal: An introduction
By RamCB on 9 May 2014
42 2
South Asia's most underrated destination
Where to stay in Dubai? Please advice.
By calida on 22 Jul 2014
10 5
Sri Lanka
Tear shaped and glorious.
By thakachin on 25 Jun 2014
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Destinations: Australasia

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Drag yourself out of Asia and come visit
united states travel buddy would be nice
By juliazaman on 8 Jun 2014
66 56
New Zealand
Just gorgeous. Really.
Wow, no topics yet? Here\'s one: TRAMPING
By Sparts on 3 Jun 2014
23 15